UDFP – United Democratic Forum Party is a new political party that is creating a break with the past. It is at the forefront of reforming the conduct and character of politics. No longer will political competition be about personalities. Rather it will be issue based. UDFP is creating a fundamental restructuring of Kenya’s political economy, to make it relevant to the needs of all 40 million of us.

UDFP is an association of Kenyans who are concerned with the well being of the country and its future at social, cultural, economic and political levels. It will work for leadership development that shall create a modern and competitive society in the context of the 21st century.

 UDFP Vision and Mission

As one joins the party, it is important to know the motivation behind the massive support the United Democratic Forum Party enjoys from all parts of Kenya and beyond.

UDFP Vision

To be the agent for transforming Kenya into a united, democratic, prosperous and equitable nation.

UDFP Mission

To establish transformative leadership, eradicate poverty and ensure prosperity for all.

Core values and principles of UDFP

  1. Courage and commitment
  2. Hard work and determination
  3. Unity and national integration
  4. Inclusiveness
  5. Patriotism
  6. Good governance
  7. Justice and equality
  8. Respect for human rights
  9. Environmental conservation

Website: http://www.udfparty.org