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Uhuru Gardens Nairobi

A Guide To Uhuru Gardens Nairobi

Uhuru Gardens is Kenyas largest Memorial Park. Uhuru is a Swahili word meaning freedom. It is important to note that it is Kenyas birthplace, being the site where the first Kenyan flag was first raised in December 1963 to mark independence. This expansive area is now favoured for picnics

Uhuru Gardens Declared a National Monument

The gardens were officially declared a National Monument in 1966 because of their historical importance.

Of importance to note is that it is Kenya’s birthplace. This is where the first Kenyan flag was first raised and thus marking the very first year of independence on the 12th December 1963.

Within the garden are two monuments commemorating Kenya’s independence, and a Mugumo (fig) tree.

Uhuru Gardens – Mugumo Tree

The Mugumo tree is symbolic as it was planted on the spot where the Union Jack (British flag) was brought down and Kenya’s national flag was first hoisted. The site was a diversity of native flora and fauna of savannah woodland.

What to see in Uhuru Gardens

A 24-meter high monument commemorating Kenya’s struggle for independence is the centrepiece of attractions at Uhuru Gardens. To one side of this monument is a statue of freedom fighters raising the Kenyan flag. About a hundred meters away is another monument with a fountain.

The expansive grounds are a favourite with picnic lovers who often drive up to secluded spots under some of the scattered trees in the area.

How to get to Uhuru Gardens

Uhuru Gardens is situated in the Langata area of Nairobi, along Langata Rd, bordering Carnivore Restaurant to the south, and Wilson Airport to the east.

Matatu numbers 15, 24, 126 will get you to Uhuru Gardens

What to do at Uhuru Gardens

In addition to the historical significance, Uhuru Gardens continues to attract various events as a recreational park. It is popular as a rest area for families and friends, a must visit for schools and in recent times has gained popularity as an events venue for corporate launches, concerts, weddings, film location just to name a few.

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For those who are looking for a secure jogging spot, this is the perfect location for keeping fit.

Future plans will include improving the park to have a wider variety of leisure activities for all. The Mashujaa/ heroes Corner will also be adjacent to this beautiful park which will mark as a reminder to celebrate our Kenyan heroes.

So next time you pass by Langata Road, walk or drive in to enjoy our rich heritage that lives on through this park.

Open Daily at 8:00am – 6:00pm.

Uhuru Gardens

Uhuru Gardens

Uhuru Gardens Contacts

Attraction Type: Historic Sites
Category: Historical Museum, Monument
Region: Nairobi
City / Town: Nairobi
Road / Street: Lanagat Road
Telephone: +254 20 800 0811, +254 722 926126
Entrance Fee: Yes

Uhuru Gardens Video

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