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Vera Sidika Biography, Vee S Beiby, Photos, Car, House, Boyfriend, Bleaching, Twerking and Age

Vera Sidika Biography

Vera Sidika was born 30th September 1989. Vee S Beiby is a Kenyan model, music video actress and socialite. She was born in Mombasa, Kenya.

Vera Sidika started off her career at the age of 17 when she modelled as plus size model where she participated in contests and fashion shows.

Vee S Beiby later moved to Nairobi in 2009 where she joined Kenyatta University with an intention to pursue her studies in Art and Design; this gave her an opportunity to fully take her career to the next level.

Vera Sidika rose to fame in 2012 when she featured as the video girl in P-Unit’s single “You Guy”. This catapulted her career to greater heights as she got more In 2014, she appeared in Prezzo’s single, “My Gal”

In November 2015, she appeared as a video vixen in Nigerian musicians KCSkiibii and Harrysong titled “Ebaeno”.

Vera Sidika has also graced the The New York Post and BBC Africa platforms.

Vera Sidika Video

Vera Sidika gained popularity after she appeared in the music video for the song ‘You Guy’ by Kenyan hip-hop group P-Unit, released in 2012. The ‘You Guy’ video was actually not Sidika’s first music video. 4 years earlier, she had appeared in the video for the song ‘UnatakaNini’ by hip-hop artiste, and Sidika’s friend, Prezzo. In 2014, she appeared in the video for the song ‘Carry Go’ by Nigerian-American artiste Davido featuring D-Black. Sidika is the only girl in a family of three children.

Vee S Beiby Video ‘You Guy’

Vera Sidika Boobs – Vera Sidika Gets Breast Implant

Laying low has never been Vera Sidika’s style and barely two months after causing a stir with her lightened skin, the socialite is back…with bigger boobs. Turns out that while she was away, Vera was busy growing her bust. She debuted her new acquisitions on her Instagram page. This came as a shock to many seeing how her bust earlier was pretty damn good. Clearly, nothing is too big for Sidika.

Things You Didn’t Know About Vera Sidika AKA Vee S Beiby

  1. Vera Sidika, known as Vee S Beiby was born September 30th 1989 in Mombasa, Kenya
  2. Vera Sidika, goes by the name Vee S Beiby  as her stage name
  3. She is the first of three children and the only girl.
  4. Vera’s Boyfriend is a Nigerian oil tycoon who happens not to be in showbiz, But he is an Investor in oil and gas.
  5. Vera was currently pursuing a Degree in Interior Design at Kenyatta University.
  6. Vera Sidika quit her education to focus on her career as a Fashionista, Model, Socialite and also an Entreprenuer
  7. She then moved to Nairobi in 2009 since admission at the University which is Kenyatta University
  8. Vera Sidika is famed for posting photos of her voluptuous backside on social media. Vera charges range is about $2,500 (Sh217,000) per hour in events, but its very negotiable when it comes to music videos , where she claims that she even get more than that.
  9. Vera owns an online shop where she sell clothes that goes by the domain
  10. Her career in Modelling has gone to the next level, with photo shoots, runways , commercials and making appearances in major events.
  11. Skin lightening is under the spotlight in Kenya after a well- known socialite, Vera Sidika, revealed she has spent tens of thousands of dollars on the treatment prompting the hashtag #BleachBeauty
  12. Vera’s Left hand tattoo written her nickname “Vee”
  13. Vera Sidika having a stroll at Night in Dubai
  14. Vee S Beiby likes Swimming and she is seen having fun playing with a Dolphin
  15. Vee S Beiby is a soccer fan and often she does watch some matches

Vera Sidika Businesses

  • Vera Sidika is famed for posting photos of her voluptuous backside on social media. Vera charges range is about $2,500 (Sh217,000) per hour in events, but its very negotiable when it comes to music videos, where she claims that she even get more than that.
  • Vera Sidika owns an online shop where she sell clothes that goes by the domain
  • Vee s Beiby has been tricked online and on social media into agreeing to get intimate with rich foreign men in exchange for money. So it is assumed that when she makes her foreign trips she goes to meet her ‘sponsors’ in exchange for huge sums of money.

Vera Sidika Car

Vera is appalently Kenya’s richest socialite Vera Sidika earns big and spends big. She has a number of expensive German cars and today we will focus on her BMW X5 it retails at around sh6.5 million and it has 300 – 400hp.

Vee S Beiby - Vera Sidika Car

Vee S Beiby – Vera Sidika Car

  1. Vee S Beiby getting out of her Mercedes Benz convertible

Vera Sidika House

Vera owns a Penthouse where she lives in Kileleshwa and also has land in Kilifi.

Vera has now added a very high end crib just for herself. She said she used to rent a bedsitter in Kahawa Wendani for Ksh3,500 and now she uses that as airtime for her mobile phone.

She said:

“Life is indeed a journey, you never wake up & have it all perfect! You need to feel the struggle & pain & be Patient before seeing better days. I remember when I came to Nairobi I used to live in a bedsitter in Kahawa Wendani Ksh. 3,500 monthly. It was the Living Room, Dining, Bedroom,Kitchen,Bathroom all in one squeezed space…and today Ksh. 3,500 is what I’d use on call credit daily. See how God works! Prayer; Major Key”

February is here Sweethearts. The month of Love…and right now, I’m in love with my Life❤️
2016…More Moves…Less Announcements. Y’all Welcome to my QUEENDOM.

Vera Sidika video showing off her multi million shilling home

Vera Sidika Boyfriend

Vera Sidika aka Vee S Baiby has a millionaire Nigerian boyfriend. Though their romance has not been in public eye, the two have been seeing each other for some time. Vera Sidika was also roumoured to be dating a top African leader.

Vera Sidika claims that her Nigerian boyfriend has 20 personal cars.

Vera Sidika Boyfriend

Vera Sidika Boyfriend

Her boyfriend also spoils her with hair worth $2500 – N400,000, shoes $3500 – N560,000.

Vera Sidika Age

Vera Sidika was born 30th September 1989.

Vera Sidika Breaching

Vera Sidika Breaching

Vera Sidika Breaching

Vera Sidika was a pretty, beautiful, and true definition of an African woman before someone lied to her that she would rule the world if she were a “mzungu”.

In 2014, Vera Sidika accepted the fact that she had lightened her skin in the UK. But she refuted claims that the procedure used to bleach her skin was not safe and could affect her medically.

She shocked her fans when she said that the bleaching procedure cost her over ksh 15 million. She says, “My body is my business and it is a money-maker.

Skin bleaching has become a fashionable trend in Kenya as many ladies have turned to bleaching in the name of being sexy.

Video – Vera Sidika Twerking

Vera Sidika Exposed

This one involved the queen Vee herself, Vera Sidika. Apparently stories of her having a rich Nigerian boyfriend that caters to her half a million shilling weave and skin ‘lightening’ procedures as she likes to call them is just a complete lie and she earns her millions by sleeping around.

A certain Instagram account that goes by the name of The Seeker of Truth pretended to be a potential client looking to hirer Vera’s services(get my drift). He played her a fool claiming to reside in Dubai and offered to pay her way to where he was for a week of crazy love making.

As expected Vera jumped at the opportunity and as much as it saddens me to say this, Vera is really an expensive service provider. For a whole week one had to pay close to Ksh 1.4million to get a piece of her

7 Reasons Why Vee S Beiby Is Kenya’s Very Own Kim Kardashian

Lets start with what is blatantly obvious:

1. The Booty

Both girls have some serious booty and they are not afraid to flaunt it.Vera’s booty full appearance in P-Unit’s video ‘You Guy ‘propelled her into fame and who can forget how Kim’s infamous tape with Ray J propelled her from a state of obscurity to world wide fame?

2. They are smart

Unlike most socialites who live for the moment and seem lost and caught up in the high life Vera and Kim are smart and have managed to use their new found fame to build a brand name. Vera and Kim have managed to brand themselves not only in their countries but internationally. We are all aware of DASH a clothing line set up by Kim and her sisters;
Vera’s business endeavors however remain a bit sketchy but its alleged that she gets paid quiet a lump some for her video appearances.

3. They are both cover girl material.

Kim’s appearance on the cover of playboy magazine grossed one of the highest sales in Playboy history.Vera Sidika is set to grace the cover of one of America’s best selling publications King Magazine that showcases only the best booties
in the world.The fact that she was the first Kenyan socialites picked,is an achievement in itself. If Vera appears on the cover, she will be joining sexy women such as Melissa Ford, Nicki Minaj and Trina.

4. They are both popular .

We ran a Ghafla poll to find out who was your favorite socialite in Kenya and Vera won by a landslide. Kim Kardashian has a firm grasp on social media with approximately 18.6 Million followers on Twitter.

5. They are both fashionable. In terms of style

Vera Sidika is by far the most stylish socialite in Kenya and we all know Kim has one of those put together outfits that are guaranteed to land her a moment on the spotlight

6.Thy first garnered media attention through friends turned foes. For Kim it was fellow socialite Paris Hilton and for Vera it was socialite turned business woman Huddah Monroe.

7. They both have very catchy names the kind of names you do not forget easily. Who can forget a name like Kim Kardashian or Vera Sidika?

Vera Sidika AKA Vee S Beiby Latest News

Vera Sidika will no longer be on Nairobi diaries

Popular Socialite, Vera Sidika has parted ways with Nairobi diaries

She has quoted among other things, her inability to work with scripts and orders

After weeks of pondering, popular socialite has dropped from the cast of Nairobi diaries.

In January 2016, the socialite was attacked by a fellow cast member for an issue that was pegged on jealousy. She contemplated staying with the series for the sake of her fans to see what would pan out in the days to come.

On Tuesday, February 23, 2016, the socialite parted ways with the reality TV show saying that it was not in line with her agendas. This comes as a big blow to a show mainly popular among Nairobi ladies.

In separate incidents, Vera had said that she was the only reason that people watched the show. With the cash cow gone, K24 is in a conundrum to replace the socialite and rake in views.
Vera Sidika in a series of updates on her Snapchat stated her reasons for quitting as:

  1. She was tired of being used by the company to shoot as they wanted.
  2. There was too much negative energy on set which was contrary to her mantra.
  3. She had made money, yes, and was considering advice from her fans who had been telling her to quit.
  4. The show is scripted, with little chance to show off experiences as they are, Vera is tired of playing the puppet and being ordered around.

After her tirade of updates,Vera revealed that she would neither be attending the reunion nor shooting the second season of the reality show. This explains why the socialite has been missing in the latest episodes of Nairobi diaries.

The socialite also apologized to the cast and those that she might have crossed.

Nairobi diaries was shot years back but was rejected by Multichoice. It was taken over by K24 in 2015 and has been popular among Kenyan ladies with subsequent episodes being the subject of discussion on social media

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