Victoria Rubadiri Biography

Victoria Rubadiri is a reporter and PrimeTime news anchor for NTV‘s Weekend Edition that airs every Friday to Sunday at 9pm. Victoria Rubadiri also the host and producer of the Women and Power segment that airs every Saturday during the PrimeTime bulletin.

Victoria Rubadiri  has a background in radio working as a business journalist and news presenter at Capital FM in Nairobi for almost two years.

She did freelance work in Public Relations in New Jersey and New York prior to my return home to Kenya. she enjoy cooking and photography in my free time. Her passion is mentoring youth which I have been involved in for the last five years both in the US and Kenya.

Education Background

2003- 2009: Undergraduate student at Temple University,Bachelor of Arts (B.A.), Broadcast Journalism, B

1999- 2003: Student at Atlantic City High School, Bachelor of Arts Broadcast Journalism

Victoria Rubadiri Nationality

On her Facebook page, Victoria Rubadiri revealed that she is a mix of numerous tribes. This was her post.

“My mother is a mix of Maasai and Kalenjin, my grandfather was half Kalenjin and half Scottish and my grandmother, Kikuyu, Maasai, and Seychelloise. Put that together and you could say I am a little bit of everything.”

Job History

  • December 2012- Present: Anchor and Reporter at Nation Media Group
    Research for, script and edit stories for news broadcasts
  • Anchor NTV Weekend Edition, the primetime news broadcast every Friday to Sunday
  • Produce and host weekly show ‘Victoria’s Lounge’
  • April 2011- December 2012: Business Journalist/ Presenter at Capital FM
    Business Reporter/News Presenter
  • pioneer News Presenter for Capital TV

March 2008- September: Assistantto CEO at Angela Crockett Enterprise Inc.

  • Assistant to CEO and founder, Angela Crockett
  • wrote proposals, press releases and official letters
  • created newsletter for ACA client the Book Bank Foundation based in New York City, USA

January 2007- May 2007: Intern/ Assignment Desk Editor at WMGM-NBC 40 TV

  • wrote scripts for the evening news program
  • conducted field reports across the state of New Jersey including an interview with U.S. Representative Frank A. LoBiondo (R)


Volunteer Experience

March 2016: Mentor at Akili Dada, Civil Rights and Social Action

March 2016: Mentor/ Moderator at Microsoft: Partnered with Microsoft East Africa during it’s Digi Girlz event at Uthiru Girls.

  • Spoke to the young ladies about the importance of education in realising their dreams.

February 2015: Mentor at Christ is the Answer Ministries– Karen

  • Spoke to University students about the importance of personal branding, while on campus.

January 2015- Present: AIESEC Advisory Board Member at Daystar University

  • She is part of the advisory board that offers guidance on the Daystar University chapter of AIESEC on the Hurlingham campus.

July 2014: Speaker at United States International University- Africa

  • She spoke during the USIU Career Fair 2014 on the theme “The Power of Now.”

September 2016: Speaker at the Bible Society of Kenya

  • Spoke during the ABLI Youth Conference 2016 on my journey of becoming a reluctant leader and how it has shaped my career.

Victoria Rubadiri Daughter

At 18, our biggest predicament is usually where to party over the weekend and which drinks are pocket friendly yet safe, but at 18 Victoria Rubadiri was dealing with a whole different ball game.

She got pregnant, and she opens up to Catherine Odera of True Love Magazine.

…After moving to the states at the tender age of 10, she found it hard to fit in to the new culture and she became withdrawn , enveloped in a cocoon and when she opened up to someone she opened up to a guy who got her pregnant. Scared, she decided to terminate the pregnancy but her dad intervened.

At first, her baby’s father rejected the pregnancy but with time they were able to build an amicable relationship and next year the two will be flying off to New Jersey to visit her daughter’s father.

She says that the father-daughter relationship is great and he supports her on her decision to move back to Kenya to make a living for their daughter. In addition, her baby daddy also cheers her on in all her ventures.

Victoria Rubadiri Age

Victoria Rubadiri was born on January 28, 1987 in Kenya.

Victoria Rubadiri Family

Victoria Rubadiri was born on January 28, 1987 in Kenya. At age 10 the family moved to the US. She studied and grew up there until 2010 when she decided to return to Kenya to earn a living for her daughter Neema.

Her mother is a mix of Maasai and Kalenjin, her grandfather was half Kalenjin and half Scottish and my grandmother, Kikuyu, Maasai, and Seychelloise. Her father is a Malawian.

Victoria Rubadiri Husband

She Reveals what she looks for in a man.

Victoria Rubadiri Interview

Name: Victoria Rubadiri

Age: 28 years old

Occupation: NTV Anchor and Reporter

Education: Degree Broadcast Journalism

Interviewer: What is the most important lesson you have learnt in your job?

Victoria Rubadiri: To me, I have learnt to never forget why I am doing this. My core purpose is to tell the stories of other people and to give voice to the voiceless. It is very easy for a person to forget this when on TV; so many people end up chasing fame. For me, I want it to be all about doing what I am held responsible for by society which is telling the truth.

Interviewer: Tell us about a story that you covered and it stuck with you?

Victoria Rubadiri: There is a feature I did about a lady named Liz. She is a single mother who does one of the most difficult sales jobs. To top it all, she is blind. We followed her every day when we were covering the story and discovered that she was a fiercely independent person who was living life blamelessly. I still talk to her once in a while.

Interviewer: What opportunities have come your way through your line of work?

Victoria Rubadiri: First, I have had the chance of telling the stories of dozens of amazing people. That has been such a huge opportunity for me. Second, my job has taken me to very many places in Kenya and outside Kenya which is really fun.

Victoria Rubadiri
Victoria Rubadiri

Third and most important, it has given me a platform to mentor young people who have in turn changed my view on life.

Interviewer: What challenges have you met in your line of work?

Victoria Rubadiri: I wouldn’t really call them challenges, rather aspects of the job. Some time, you prepare for a huge interview only for it to be cancelled. Or maybe there is breaking news that you had not expected and it needs to be aired immediately and you do not have background information. it gets difficult then.

At the end of the day, these instances really stretch me and I get to learn a lot.

Interviewer: If you were not a news anchor, what would you be doing?

Victoria Rubadiri: I would definitely be a school teacher, without a doubt. Teaching to me is one of the greatest jobs anyone can ever have. You get to impact people directly and mentor them. I love to mentor people, so teaching would definitely give me an equally big opportunity to mentor others.

Interviewer: What do you do on your time out of the lime light?

Victoria Rubadiri: (Laughs) I honestly take time to just be alone. My job is very involving to a point that I am always surrounded by people. Therefore time alone gives me an opportunity to just relax especially with my daughter.

Interviewer: Which is your favourite book and why?

Victoria Rubadiri: ‘The Pilgrim’s Progress’ by John Bunyan has been my favourite book for a long time. As a born again Christian, this book has been a source of strength in my walk with Christ.

Interviewer: Would you recommend it to others?

Victoria Rubadiri: I definitely would. It’s a great place to start when you begin your walk with Jesus Christ.

Interviewer: As far as your career is concerned, what keeps you going?

Victoria Rubadiri: I am a mother to a ten year old girl and she is my biggest motivation. She keeps me going because I want to provide for her to the best of my ability.

Interviewer: Let us talk about your role models and people you look up to?

Victoria Rubadiri: First Lady of the US Mitchell Obama is definitely one of the people I look up to. CNN’S Christiane Amanpour is also a strong role model to me, especially her work ethic. She is extremely passionate about journalism going as far as covering war zones fearlessly.

Interviewer: What is your most important role in life?

Victoria Rubadiri: Being a mother is definitely my most important role. It is one of those roles that you do not walk away from. As your child grows, you grow with them. This particular role now defines everything I do with my life and I love it.

Interviewer: In the recent years, you have been termed as a fashion trendsetter by the media. Is it true? And if so, tell us your secret on hacking it.

Victoria Rubadiri: (Laughs really hard) I honestly am the most laid back person you can ever meet. I am your jeans and the occasional heels kind of a girl. I only dress up for TV because it’s part of my job.

Victoria Rubadiri Contacts

 Twitter: @vickyrubadiri

Victoria Rubadiri Photo

Victoria Rubadiri Photo
Victoria Rubadiri Photo