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Visita (Nixon Wesonga) Biography, Songs, Photo, Video

Visita Biography

Visita whose real name is Nixon Wesonga is a kenyan Musician- rapper and producer who has worked with other artistes on several projects and collaboration. He was born on June and won an award in 2006 and hence he refers 6 as his lucky number his Visita.

Music Career

He began singing in a church then joined Jomino Records in 2003. He did not know how to rap and he did a song called ‘Wanitesa’ that got played only in one radio station. He later left Jomino and in 2006 he downloaded a software called Fruity Loops at a cyber cafe and taught himself how to comp[ose beats and sold for sh 500 to artistes.

His friend opened Goldbase Records and took him in. Steve of Jomino Records heard about what he was doing and proposed that he work with him in a new Jomino studio. At Jomino he found recorded tapes which he was to mix.

He later got a job in Mombasa, he left Jomino but he went back after some years.In 2012, he opened his own studio, Boom Rock and did a couple of beats among them Maswali ya Polisi which was brought to him by Refigah. Later Refigah asked him if he would work with him in Grandpa Records which he agreed and shut down his studio.


  • Elewa Lewa
  • Mapepo
  • Asubuhi
  • Hivo Ndio Kunaendaga
  • Chali Stinji





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