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Weaknesses in Kenya’s old Constitution

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“The old constitution is blind to many areas that can ensure me equal opportunities or accountable governanc”

  1. Does not adequately address the identity of Kenyans and what brings them together.
  2. Does not provide for purpose, goals and values that Kenyans are to pursue as a people.
  3. Does not adequately address the relationship between the people, the Government and the State.
  4. Does not provide for socioeconomic and development rights.
  5. Allows for discrimination on matters of burial, adoption, marriage, divorce and property inheritance.
  6. Deprives direct citizenship to those born of Kenyan mothers but of foreign fathers.
  7. Only one centralized Government.
  8. An imperial presidency.
  9. The President has unchecked powers to appoint.
  10. A disproportional representation in the National Assembly.
  11. Cabinet seating both in Parliament and the Executive.
  12. No Supreme Court.
  13. Does not provide for devolved government.
  14. Does not provide for means of equitable distribution of resources.

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