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William Ruto Biography, Family, Wealth, Wife, Children and News

 William Ruto Biography

William Ruto: William Samoei Ruto was born on December 21, 19 66 in Kamagut, Uasin Gishu to the late Mzee Daniel Cheruiyo tand Mama Sarah Cheruiyot.

William Samoei Ruto Education

William Ruto attended Kerotet and Kamagut Primary School and later joined Wareng Secondary School in 1981, where he sat his ‘O’-level exams in 1984 before proceeding to Kapsabet Boys, Nandi, in 1985 where he sat his ‘A’-level exams in 1986. Mr. Ruto graduated from the University of Nairobi in 1990 with a BSc (botany and zoology). At the university, he was a staunch African Inland Church(AIC) member and was elected the leader of the University Christian Union choir.

William Ruto Wealth

After university, William Ruto taught at Sirgoi and Kamagut Secondary Schools in the North Rift. He, at the same time, founded African Venture Tours and Hotels.

He enrolled for a masters degree in botany and graduated in 2011. He is currently pursuing a PhD in the same field.

William Ruto Politics

A scion of retired president Daniel Arap Moi , William Ruto, a self-made politician born into poverty who sold peanuts on the Eldoret highway to supplement the family income, dabbled with politics when he got involved with the Cyrus Jirongo-led Youth for Kenyan African National Union ‘92.

YK’92, as it was popularly known, was an out fit hastily put together to campaign for President Daniel arap Moi‘s reelection in that first multiparty election. KANU’S win in the 1992 polls saw Ruto appointed Assistant Minister for Provincial Administration, and then Minister of Home Affairs. In 2002, Ruto supported President Moi‘s decision to back Uhuru Kenyatta bid as kanu’s flag-bearer in the year’s General Election. Kanu lost to the opposition led by Mwai Kibaki. In the run-up to the 2005 constitutional referendum, he joined Raila Odinga in the Orange Democratic Movement. He sought ODM’s nomination for the 2007 presidential election, but was beaten by Odinga. He, however, marshalled the Kalenjin community and garnered significant support for the ODM.

He adapted fast to the country’s changing political and social environment fitting well with the grand coalition government that brought together President Mwai Kibaki and then Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) leader Raila Odinga following the disputed 2007 presidential elections.

At the formation of the grand coalition government in April 2008, Ruto, who then had established him self a leading light in ODM and a member of the party’s cream referred to as the pentagon, was appointed Minister for Agriculture in 2008 until April 2010. At the Ministry of Agriculture he traversed the country checking on farmers. He ensured farmers got a regular supply of fertiliser and had ready market for their produce.

He was moved to the Ministry of Higher Education Science and Technology, where he immediately embarked on reforms to ensure institutions of higher education in the country offered quality and relevant education to the thousands of Kenyan youth.

His rallying call then was that youth must be trained in courses that were relevant in the fast changing world and which were globally competitive. He also called for increased budgetary allocation to meet the ever – growing demand for higher education in Kenya.

Ruto had become a common figure among university and college students.

Ruto remained vocal and played a critical role in the making of the 2010 Constitution. He was the chairman and member of  the Parliamentary Select Committee on the Constitution.

Mr. Ruto run for the March 4, 2013, Presidential race as Mr.Kenyatta’s running mate on under the Jubilee Alliance whose other main partner was his United Republican Party(URP) and Mr.Kenyatta‘s The National Alliance (TNA). Others in the Jubilee coalition were Charity Ngilu, Joseph Nyaga and Najib Balala.

His political career took a turn on December 15, 2010, when the International Criminal Court (ICC) named him as a suspect of crimes against humanity over the 2008 post-election chaos. The hearing of his case started in October 2013.

William Ruto Family

William Ruto Family

William Ruto Family

William Ruto Wife Rachel Ruto

Humble elegant William Ruto wife Rachel Ruto is one woman who has passion to push for Women empowerment. She brings a different aspect of seeing women with a bright future and that’s why she aims to create great opportunities for women

Referred to as Rael by her friends, Rachel Ruto actually studied Education. She gave up teaching so that she could get married. She got a job in Nairobi but resigned so that she could be a stay-at-home mother.

Rachel Ruto was born in a small village called Lukuyani in Kakamega to parents who were farmers, in a family of 8 children, 5 girls and 3 boys. Rachel Ruto came from a very humble background, where she did not even wear shoes until she got to Form One since it was actually a requirement.

Rachel Ruto started dating when she was in first year, at Kenyatta University, though she knew her hubby, William Ruto, since childhood. Rachel got married at 23, immediately after her graduation. She has 6 children.

William Ruto Wife Rachel Ruto

William Ruto Wife Rachel Ruto

William Ruto Children

William Ruto and Rachel Chebet Ruto have six children including an adopted daughter named Nadia.

William Ruto Age

William Ruto was born on December 21, 19 66

William Ruto Wealth, Business and Investments

  1. 1.2 Billion rural home in Turbo in a 700 acre piece of land
  2. Oseng properties limited
  3. Orterter Enterprises Limited
  4. Residential Property along Jogoo road Nairobi
  5. He is the major shareholder in Amaco insurance
  6. Osere flats in Rongai
  7. Weston hotel
  8. His Karen home is also said to be worth millions of shillings
  9. Poultry Business at Turbo home

Willia Ruto Profile and Timeline

21 December 1966:  William Samoei Ruto is born in Kamagut, Uasin Gishu to the late Mzee Daniel Cheruiyot and Mama Sarah Cheruiyot.

1990: William Samoei Ruto Graduated from the University of Nairob having attained BSc and MSc in botany. William Ruto had earlier attended Kerotet Primary School for his primary school education, Wareng Secondary School for his Ordinary Levels education and Kapsabet Boys, for his Advanced Levels.

At University, Ruto a staunch African Inland Church (AIC) member was elected the leader of the University Christian Union choir.

In early 1990: William Samoei Ruto established a company, African Venture Tours and Hotels.

1992: William Ruto was the Organising Secretary of Youth for Kanu ’92 (YK92), a group that was formed to drum up support for President Daniel arap Moi in the election.

1997 – Now:  William Ruto has been the MP for Eldoret North Constituency

August 2002: William Samoei Ruto became an Assistant Minister in the Office of the President and was later appointed Minister in charge of Home Affairs.

January 2006:  Ruto declared publicly that he would stand for the presidency in the 2007 general election.

April 2008: William Samoei Ruto was appointed minister of Agriculture.

19 October 2010: William Samoei Ruto ia appointed Minister for Higher Education.

In December 2010:  The ICC’s Pre-Trial Chamber issued a summon for William Ruto at the prosecutor’s request.

Interesting Facts About William Samoei Ruto

William Ruto was once a teacher

Even though he is the current deputy president of Kenya, William Ruto has come a long way. Before joining politics, he worked as a teacher at Sirgoi secondary school and Kamagut secondary school. As a teacher, his students will always remember him as an astute individual who desired the best for everyone.

William Ruto is married and has six children

William Ruto is married to Rachel Ruto. He met his wife at the university where she was training a teacher. They are blessed with six children.

William Ruto was the best student in his class

Ruto was ranked the best student in his class at the University of Nairobi. As a result he was awarded a scholarship to pursue a masters degree in the same university. At the university, Ruto was a great team leader who related well with his fellow students. He was a great choirmaster and evangelist.

William Ruto ICC Case

In 2008, Kenya witnessed a massive unrest. The unrests were attributed to election rigging. As a team leader of ODM, William Ruto was among the individuals who championed the unfolding of the truth that the then president Mwai kibaki had lost the elections. Ruto together with several other leaders who were allied to ODM proposed that President Mwai Kibaki should step down in favor of ODM’s Raila Odinga. When the unrests and violence subsided, a commission of inquiry was formed to investigate the root causes of the violence. The commission, Waki Commision, named twenty individuals and it is from the list that the retired ICC prosecutor, Moreno Ocampo picked the six suspects namely;

  1. Uhuru Kenyatta (the current president of Kenya)
  2. William Ruto
  3. Francis Muthaura
  4. Henry Kosgei
  5. Major General Hussein Ali
  6. Joshua Sang
  7. Ruto was accused of crimes against humanity.

Ruto William rose from a humble background

There is no doubt that William Ruto is on of the richest individuals in Kenya. Unlike several rich Kenyans who inherited their wealth from parents, Ruto walked his way towards gaining the wealth. His parents were not rich. Reliable sources from his father’s home in Eldoret reveal that he used to do odd jobs such as selling chicken and groundnuts along the Nakuru – Eldoret road in order to supplement his parents.

William Ruto is a Christian

Ruto is a charismatic politician, Besides, he is a strong believer and a member of the African inland church. His religious life is what contributed to him joining politics. He was the head of choir at a local church. Ruto’s relationship with the longest-serving president of Kenya, Daniel Moi, happened rather by accident . Moi had attended a church service and he got interested in Ruto’s personality when Ruto said a moving prayer.

William Samoei Ruto is a serious family man

William Ruto is a no-nonsense man. He takes his family matters seriously. He is one of those individuals who enjoy a good relationship with his wife and children.

William Ruto and Emmy Kosgei

William Ruto was once accused by a Kenyan gutter newspaper of having any affair with Emmy Kosgei the award winning Taunet nelel singer. Ruto strongly denied the rumours…  “Ignore those gutter press stories you read. Those are just false rumours,”

William Ruto is ambitious

William Ruto has held several government offices. He has been a minister and a leader of the parliamentary select committee. As the minister for agriculture, Ruto initiated a lot of reforms that assisted in improving the status of agriculture in Kenya. He was also the minister for higher education under president Kibaki’s regime.

William Ruto Contacts

Office of The Deputy President, Harambee Avenue
P.O. Box 74434 – 00200 Nairobi, Kenya.
Tel: +254 20 3247000/1/2/3/4/5

William Ruto Website:

William Ruto Website

William Ruto News

William Ruto’s speech after his swearing in at Kasarani

“We are here for the event to swear in our president and celebrate the democracy of Kenya,” he said before leading the audience in a gospel song. .

Speaking of the elections, he said: “It was different because unlike in the past, where elections were about where you came from, these elections was about issues that affect the people of Kenya, including infrastructure, road, education, health.”

He committed to supporting President Kenyatta on the way forward.

“Going into the future, my friend, Mr. President we will stand behind you and support you as you build on the foundation of the past four and a half years, building bridges across communities, friendship of unity and brotherhood,” he said.

He called on the people of Kenya to “say no to hate, resist ethnicity, refuse division and reject violence”.

“What is important for us is the transformation of the country and development of the nation. There cannot be meaningful development and prosperity without peace. There cannot be peace without justice and no justice without the rule of law and the respect of our constitution,’’ he concluded.

DP William Ruto’s light moments before attending the inauguration

Just before the inauguration ceremony ,Deputy President William Ruto revealed his softer side to the cameras at his official residence in Karen.
From sharing light moments with his children, to playing the tough parent demanding the best look from them and the tense moments on realization that he was running late .

William Ruto: From roadside chicken seller to multi-billionaire

President Uhuru Kenyatta and William Ruto visit the DP's first house in Uasin Gishu county

President Uhuru Kenyatta and William Ruto visit the DP’s first house in Uasin Gishu county

William Ruto wore his first pair of shoes when he was going to Form One at the rural Wareng’ High School in Uasin Gishu County.

He sold local chicken (kuku kienyeji) on the Great North Road for between Sh11 and Sh13 to truck drivers hauling cargo to Uganda and beyond.

William Ruto was heartbroken when his schoolmate, a driver’s daughter, rejected his adolescent overtures. He slept hungry in Standard Seven, because the family had nothing to eat. And he walked long distances to school, on foot, knocking his toes on rocks and leaving bloody toenails behind. But that was his past.

Today, William Ruto, Kenya’s Deputy President, hops from village to village in private helicopters; flies from country to country in private jets chartered for millions of shillings; owns a fleet of top-of-the-range cars and when he is in the mood, he donates at least Sh2 million at a single church harambee, sometimes up to three per day.

The opposition has alleged many times that the money is part of the billions that went missing from public coffers, but the DP insists, that’s his money.

William Ruto is the kind of politician who hosts delegations from different areas in the country, feeds them, addresses them, and when they are ready to leave, he still sends them off with a modest allowance of at least Sh2,500.

It is the kind of opulence that signals corruption. The argument is that nobody can splash his money that way, in delegations and harambees. But for Ruto, he’s following his Sunday school lessons: “blessed is the hand that giveth”.

“There’s a world of a difference between a stingy person and someone who doesn’t have. They should stop speaking about me doing harambees. I have gone to Sunday school. I was taught that the Bible says that he who gives will get back his portion pressed down, shaken together and overflowing.

William Ruto and his wife Rachel

William Ruto and his wife Rachel

I also read in the newspapers the other day that I walk with money in gunny bags. He’s built a house worth Sh1 billion, if that money was put in a bag, you mean that gunny bag wouldn’t be full,” he asked once when the headlines read that he had donated Sh17 million in two months, yet he has a monthly salary of Sh1.2 million.

Interviews with the DP’s close friends and neighbours, plus information in the public domain from dozens of interviews he’s granted to the media, and from parliamentary records, paint the picture of a man who has struggled against poverty, but is now swimming in money, and would hate to go back to the life of a pauper.

The friends point to multimillion house with a private airstrip that is being built in Eldoret (near the Elgeyo border), his personal Karen residence, his real estate developments including the apartments in Eastlands and Weston Hotel, plus his huge stake in the high-brow Africa Merchant Assurance Company Limited (Amaco), as part of his portfolio.

“It a big house, it is like a hotel,” says a friend who has visited the site where the palatial residence with a private airstrip is being put up.

Nobody really knows how much he owns, and the authorities -Kenya Revenue Authority have said his tax records, which would have lifted the lid on his immense wealth, are confidential.

A visit to his rural home in Sugoi will show you another side of Ruto, a farmer. The DP and his wife Rachel have thousands of chicken reportedly imported from India. They collect at least 2,500 eggs a day.

They have a huge incubator that has a capacity of 20,000 eggs, and every 21 days, they sell chicks thousands of chicks at between Sh100 and Sh125 every day. So, if you do the maths, even with the Joyful Women organisation that his wife runs, the Second Family sleeps with lots of change.

In the hundreds of acres of his land, he has high-yielding, fast-maturing banana plants obtained from the then Kenya Agriculture Research Institute (now KALRO), hundreds of mango and avocado trees, a maize farm for silage and maize, and hundreds of dairy cows.

William Ruto also has at least 100 beehives, and yes, he is very proud of the huge forest on that parcel of land that has his house.

“All these trees, all 150,000 trees in this farm, I planted them myself,” he told K24 TV in a past interview.

Even as the National Assembly’s Public Accounts Committee got ready to crucify his personal assistant Farouk Kibet and confidante Kipchumba Murkomen over the multibillion scandal at the National Youth Service, the self-styled hustler appeared ready to weather the storm.

But even so, Ruto still tries to cut a figure of a struggling civil servant. When he went to open the 30-storey building of the Moi University Pension Scheme in Eldoret, he was invited to rent a floor for one of his business.

His answer: “You have offered that I should look for some money to buy a stake here but I’m sure you are aware that I am still paying the loan that I took to build Weston Hotel.”

So when Clement Kipkoech Kosgey, the livestock broker, bodaboda operator and neighbour of the DP, and long-time friend who grew up with the DP, says he is conflicted to call him “Deputy President” and sticks to the name “William” it is easy to understand.

William Ruto

William Ruto

DP William Ruto dismisses child neglect claims, sets record straight

Deputy President William Ruto has dismissed claims that he had neglected a daughter he sired with a woman, revealing that he has been giving out Sh40,000 monthly for upkeep.

William Ruto also revealed that he had went further and secured the mother of his daughter a Sh90,000 monthly job.

Posting on his Twitter page, he said the woman had sired three other children and demanded their father(s) to take responsibility and take care of them.

In a series of tweets from his verified Twitter account @WilliamsRuto, the DP said that he will not be blackmailed to care for other men’s children.

“The other father/s should be men enough and look after their kids. Trying blackmail for me to cater for other men’s children won’t work,” he tweeted.

The tweet was part of three he sent out in response to a suit filed by a woman who said in court documents that the he had failed to take care of their child.

William Ruto – Child well taken care of

Mr William Ruto on Thursday acknowledged having sired a child out of wedlock with the woman, Prisca Chemutai Bett.

He said his daughter is well taken care of and warned politicians and ‘busybodies’ not to meddle in the matter.

“My 11 year old child Abby is well catered for including her education in private boarding school. Politicians & Busybodies should keep off,” he wrote.

The Deputy President later tweeted: “For the record I did find Abby’s mother a 90k-a-month job,40k monthly upkeep ever since. She went ahead to get her own 3 other kids though”.

Through lawyer Gitobu Imanyara, the woman accuses Mr Ruto of refusing to provide them with essential needs like food, decent clothing and a home.

The woman also accuses Mr Ruto of refusing to pay school fees for their daughter and to provide medication.

She also claims in the case documents that their child is now bound to miss out on healthy growth and quality education.

“The minor is in dire need of and is entitled to basic necessities since her mother is not able to adequately provide for he…Mr Ruto has totally neglected his parental responsibility as demanded of him,” Mr Imanyara said.

The woman wants the case, which was filed Thursday, certified as urgent and heard on a priority basis since she and her daughter will continue to suffer irreparably.

She is seeking about Sh200,000 in monthly support for food, shelter, clothing, toiletries and house help alone, as well as adequate medical cover and school fees.

Mr Ruto is married to Rachael Ruto and they have six children, including an adopted daughter.

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