Zachary Okoth Obado Biography

Zachary Okoth Obado is a Kenyan politician and currently the Governor for Migori County. He is a member of People’s Democratic Party (PDP) and a coalition member of Coalition for Reforms and Democracy.

He is a trained teacher and was formerly the Director of Kenya Sugar Board (KSB).In Kenya’s 2013 general election, John vied in the gubernatorial elections, winning as Governor of Migori County, alongside Deputy Governor Nelson Mahanga Mwita. He was elected on a PDP party ticket.

His election was petitioned by Prof Oyugi who was vieing on an ODM  ticket which made the High court to order for a recount of votes and saw the vote margin rise from 163 to 577, with Mr Obado still the winner ,Prof Oyugi disagreed. He appealed the decision maintaining that scrutiny of all votes showed he won by 174 votes. Mr Obado and the electoral commission asked judges to adopt an argument by the High Court, that an election is not a mathematical puzzle.

The IEBC said there was no election ever held that was 100 per cent flawless. On 23th April 2014, he was reinstatited as the governor for Migori county.

Zachary Okoth Obado Education Background

Masters in Strategic Management from Kenyatta University

Bachelors Degree in Education from Kenyatta University

He attended St. Joseph’s Rapogi Secondary School in Migori

Zachary Okoth Obado Political Positions

From 10th March 2013 : Governor for  Migori  county.

From 8th February 2013  :  Member of People’s Democratic Party (PDP)

From 13th February 2013 : Coalition Member of Coalition for Reforms & Democracy

Zachary Okoth Obado Mission as a Governor

The key areas of focus for his agenda for Migori County are tourism, hospitality and entertainment, financial services and banking, ICT and related services, energy, construction, education and training, retailing and distribution, mining, and agriculture

Zachary Okoth Obado Job History

Former  Director of Kenya Sugar Board (KSB)

Zachary Okoth Obado accuses leaders of behaving like married women

Migori Governor Zachary Okoth Obado  told off politicians who incite the youth against his government, likening them to married women (migogo) who after leaving their fathers’ homes, still snoop around creating bad blood in the family. This occured after some rowdy taxi drivers repainted a shade he had built for them and changed its colour from blue to orange (the colour of opposition party ODM) and even hanged photo of Cord co-principal, Raila Odinga, alongside that of a gubernatorial aspirant, Ochilo Ayacko.

Zachary Okoth Obado on a bed worth Shs. 1 million

He was once on the limelight after it emerged that he bought a bed worth Kshs. 1 million but he refuted the claims and said that he has never owned a bed worth 1 million. He said that his critics, who are spreading the rumour, were “idle and ill-informed”.

“I have never bought a bed worth Sh1 million, and the people maligning me will get nowhere with this lie. What is their interest in my bedroom? I thought visitors should only go as far as the living room?” he said

He said he will not be distracted by petty propaganda by his opponents who want to undermine his development initiatives in his county. He said he will continue to deliver on his election pledges without fear. He asked his opponents to address issues instead of manufacturing cheap propaganda.

Zachary Okoth Obado Contacts

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Zachary Okoth Obado Photo
Zachary Okoth Obado Photo

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