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SCANDAL: Kilimani Mums Admin Accused Of Being A Prostitute, She Reveals All!

SCANDAL: Kilimani Mums Admin Accused Of Being A Prostitute, She Reveals All!

Allow me to clarify something for any old foggie who happens upon this article, PettyWap Wednesday is a social media thing, not unlike Man crush Monday or Woman Crush Wednesday. But unlike these other social media trends, PettyWap Wednesday celebrates your inner pettiness.

And our petty post comes courtesy of Ghafla Kenya who picked up a story that I found rather juicy. The tale told was about how Purity Nduta was once a prostitute. The same Purity Nduta who happens to be an admin of Kilimani Mums and who has been on record a number of times insulting Eastlands residents.

Anyway, not so long ago, a certain lass by the name Dee Anjela posted on the group about her knowledge of the fact that Ms. Purity was once a prostitute of the pocket friendly variety. According to her, she is conversant with Purity’s prostitution past purely because she was her colleague on the streets of Kayole.

What is that about I asked. Then II saw this screengrab of Dee’s post that had promptly been deleted:

I was scandalized! But Purity was contacted for a conversation on what exactly was going on and whether indeed she was a stripper and according to Ghafla, what she said was,“DO I LOOK LIKE A PROSTITUTE TO YOU?”
She went on to categorically state that there was bad blood between her and the person who made the post and that’s why she was keen on tarnishing her name. So there you have it.

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