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Mountains in Kenya

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Kenya is a land of contrasts, and nowhere is this more apparent than in its range of altitudes. The hills and mountains of Kenya are a world apart from the lowland valleys and plains.

High altitude Kenya offers something for everyone. There are refreshing hill walks through bird rich areas or more active hikes into mountains forests.

Above all there is mighty Mount Kenya, whose slopes are the perfect trekking destination. The mountain’s alpine peak is a challenging technical summit for the experienced mountaineer.

Mountains in Kenya

Mt Kenya

Africa’s second highest peak is a majestic monolith regarded as the sacred realm of Ngai, god of the local Kikuyu people, and home to one of the planet’s rarest sights, Equatorial Snow …

Mt Longonot

A dormant volcano whose awe-inspiring crater is a secret world of Kenya wildlife

Mt Elgon

Exiting Articles

Rising from the Western Forests, this mountain is home to mysterious Kitum Cave, a deep cavern visited by herds of Elephants …

Loroghi Hills

In the Heartland of the Samburu people, these hills are a haven for wildlife and the perfect destination for the adventurous trekker …

Western Highlands

These lush green hills are a bird watchers and hill walkers paradise …

Shimba Hills

High and Cool, these hills are the perfect getaway from the coastal heat, and home to a fascinating range of wildlife …

Taita and Chyulu Hills

Framing the vast wilderness of Tsavo, these hills have great wildlife and greater views of Kilimanjaro …

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