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Nasa Manifesto – Details of Nasa Manifesto Unveiled by Raila Odinga

NASA flagbearer Raila Odinga unveils NASA Manifesto next week that promises equal opportunities, democracy and devolution after 11 political parties endorsed his presidential bid.

Former Lands CS Charity Ngilu, Wiper governor nominee Wavinya Ndeti, and Makueni Governor Kivutha Kibwana will lead the pack which will bring together Narc, Federal Party of Kenya, Maendeleo Party, Muungano Party and Chama Cha Uzalendo.

The parties will convene the National Delegates Councils across the city at various venues. The functions meant to endorse the flagbearer were postponed last Friday after parties failed to secure the venues for the National Delegates Conference.

Summary of NASA Manifesto

Nasa Manifesto:

1. Infrastructure– Dual road from Mombasa- Nairobi- Nakuru- Kericho Junction( To Kisumu-Busia-Malaba)- to Eldoret.

2. Free Primary and Secondary Education ( From September, immediately after swearing in)

3. Electric Train (We will improve SGR to electric train from Mombasa- Nairobi- Naivasha- Eldoret- Kisumu- Kakamega- all to Malaba reconnecting Uganda, Tz, Rwanda, Ethiopia to ease trade)

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4. Boost Farming. (Our farmers will receive support, good rates for their products and continued flow of production like it’s done in Egypt)

5. Uniting Kenyans. (Kenya will belong to all and for all, our government will run on an open interaction basis including all Kenyans without regional imbalances)

6. Historical Injustices. ( We will solve with peace and reach consensus with families who have faced problems with their lands, IDPs and livestock to make Kenyans proud of their country)

7. Increased exportation. (Kenyans are known for farming and creativity. We will create an enabling environment for exports of MIRAA, Tea, Coffee, Flowers, cereals, technology to expand our per capita)

8. Job Creation. (To achieve this, we will promote empowerment in various sectors, promote investors in our country, promote private companies, promote local production (Unlike today, we kill our entrepreneurs while importing even labour from China) promote counties forming various economic blocks)

9. Security. (To achieve, we have to ensure peace and security across the borders, we will devolve security to ensure each county is well equipped and vast in protecting her citizens, we will retain chiefs and DOs equipping them accordingly to report any security alarming issue, our forces while also receive advanced weapons and machinery needed for security)

10. Devolution. (We will ensure more resources are channeled to the county government to promote growth and development, in years to come, we want to see Nakuru become our New Jersey, Kisumu- New York, Meru- California, Machakos- Florida, Muranga- Hawaii, Nyeri- Texas, Busia- Pennsylvania, Kakamega- Alaska, Migori- Alabama, Homa Bay- Michigan, Kisii- Ohio, Bomet- Georgia, Eldoret- Virginia and etc that is why we fought for devolved government, you must elect competent governors)

11. Rent. ( Living in our own nation should not be exogenous, through the constitution, we will control land rates, lower rents and mortgage rates for Kenyans to concentrate on developing our economy)

12. Lower Prices of Basic Commodities. ( NASA government will not sleep in expense of our citizens, we will carry out research, welcome experts views to control prices of basic commodities, ensure availability and production)

13. Lower Tax, P.A.Y.E ( NASA Government will pay our citizens according to their efforts, reward them genuinely and lower taxes on their income to take care of their families. Nurses, Doctors, Teachers, all Civil Servants, Jua Kali, police and even private sector will be entitled to good pay)

14. Pension For The Old. ( Equal distribution to our elders will be mandatory, we will ensure steady health for us to continue learning from them, breeding wisdom)

15. Health Sector ( We will work with Our Doctors Union to build advanced hospitals in each county. We should be able to handle advanced diseases including cancers without going abroad, instead our countries will be flying in for our expertise)

16. Youth, Women and Persons Living with disabilities ( Our Youths are the future of our nation. We will empower them to be productive. We will empower women to boost our economy, we will ensure persons living with disabilities are not seen as a burden to comfortable and productive in our nation.

17. WiFi Hotspots in all major towns in the county; this will empower business, job creation , youth agenda and enhance communication.

We say Thank You Kenyans

Kindly Vote Change That You Will Admire
Mambo Yabadilika

NASA Manifesto

NASA Manifesto

NASA Manifesto News

Nasa Manifesto – NASA launches its 5-year plan for Kenya

Nasa Manifesto Updated: 27.6.2017

The Opposition coalition will today unveil its manifesto as it seeks to take over leadership of the country on August 8.

Nasa Manifesto highlights indicate a NASA government would build a unified nation where politics of exclusion, exploitation of the many by a few and graft would be history.

The coalition pledges to foster nationhood by ensuring creation of more vibrant industries and putting in place financial austerity measures to avoid abuse of public funds.

The Nasa manifesto focuses on key sectors such as education, health, security and social safety nets, business, social care and infrastructure.

The alliance comprises presidential candidate Raila Odinga’s Orange Democratic Movement (ODM), his running mate Kalonzo Musyoka’s Wiper Democratic Movement, Bungoma senator Moses Wetangula’s Ford Kenya, Musalia Mudavadi’s Amani National Congress (ANC) and Bomet Governor Isaac Ruto’s Chama Cha Mashinani (CCM).

On devolution, NASA promises to transfer all the devolved functions to the county governments as mandated by the Constitution, as well as provide resources commensurate with the functions.

“We will delegate the responsibility for primary and secondary school infrastructure to the county governments. We will create a framework for security collaboration between the national and county governments,” reads the manifesto in part.

On corruption, the Opposition pledges to be transparent in everything it does.

“We will raise the bar on ethics and integrity higher than ever before; higher than the threshold set by the law. This is our promise to Kenyans. There will be no sacred cows. The culture of impunity will end on day one,” it adds.

The Opposition says it envisages a country where no child is called a “school drop out” and where every young person joins the world of work with a skill or a profession.

On Agriculture, NASA promises to increase maize yields from 8.5 to 12.5 bags per acre over the next five years and eliminate dependence on rain-fed agriculture through water harvesting and small scale irrigation.

The coalition further pledges to mount a public-private partnership to scale up affordable housing development with a target of delivering 500,000 units of affordable housing units, over the next five years.

The Opposition has also focused on debt, accusing the Jubilee administration of doubling public debt and outlining its remedy to the problem.

“Moreover, the Jubilee administration has eschewed the long-term soft loans from development finance institutions we have relied on in the past, in favour of expensive short-term commercial bank loans, resulting in the cost of servicing the debt rising faster than the debt itself,” it says of Jubilee’s borrowing spree.

It continues: “While foreign debt has increased two-fold from Sh880 billion in 2013 to Sh1,890 billion this year, a growth of 115 per cent, the cost of servicing it has increased by 220 per cent from Sh34 billion to Sh108 billion. We are now living in permanent debt refinancing mode. The Jubilee government has put the country on a debt treadmill.”

The document explains that the main objective of the sovereign bond taken by Jubilee was to reduce domestic borrowing to bring down domestic interest rates and to stop crowding out the private sector from domestic market.

But far from reducing the appetite, the administration, NASA says, doubled both foreign and domestic debt.

This has made the capping of interest rates counter-productive by making lending to Government even more attractive than lending to the private sector.

“This is the road to economic ruin. We must ensure that we get off this road right now or we perish economically as a nation,” reads the document.

Source: The Standard

Nasa manifesto targets big names in TJRC report

Nasa Manifesto Updated: 17.6.2017

Implementing the controversial — and state-sanitised — Truth Justice and Reconciliation Report will be a key pillar of NASA leader Raila Odinga’s manifesto.

Sensitive portions have been doctored, three authors refused to sign the final, watered-down report and it has never been tabled in Parliament for adoption.

TJRC chairman Bethuel Kiplagat handed the original to President Uhuru Kenyatta in May 2013.

NASA experts are drawing up a technical manifesto promising full disclosure and implementation of the TJRC Report. Disclosures would be embarrassing to both sides of the political divide.

The report, parts of it in the public domain, details atrocities as far back as 1963 and identifies masterminds of ethnic clashes, human rights violators, land grabbers and assassins has not been tabled in Parliament for adoption.

Uhuru and his now Deputy President William Ruto are among big names accused in the TJRC Report of planning and financing the 2007-08 post-election violence. The report did not recommend action against them because they were facing trial for crimes against humanity at the ICC. The cases collapsed for lack of evidence and because witnesses recanted, died and disappeared.

The report also says Wiper leader Kalonzo Musyoka funded an illegal group, Kabuithu, which in 1997 evicted more than 2,000 Tharaka families from Mwingi. However, Kalonzo was cleared of grabbing land on which the Mwingi Cottages are built.

Raila and his NASA brigade are keen on implementing the TJRC Report by executing Article 5 (a) on national reconciliation and healing and (b) on resolving all historical injustices. This is part of the manifesto’s Vision and Policy Platform section.

The TJRC was set up after the PEV to address historical injustices and gross human rights abuses.

Raila has been piling pressure on Uhuru’s administration to fully implement the report so victims can finally get justice.

Two weeks ago at Wajir Stadium, Raila accused the Jubilee administration of failing to implement recommendations on resolving historical injustices committed during the Wagalla massacre of ethnic Somalis by security forces on February 10, 1984.

He assured residents NASA will ensure the report is fully implemented and victims compensated. Hundreds — some say well over a thousand — people died.

In the Wagalla massacre, hundreds of Degodia clan members were systematically tortured at an airstrip and then killed.

“The Jubilee government has refused to implement the TJRC Report. Once we take power on August 8, we will ensure that all those affected by the injustices are compensated,” Raila said.

The report says Laikipia Senator GG Kariuki, Kanu’s Internal Security minister, bears responsibility for the massacre and ensuing atrocities, together with former Provincial Commissioner Benson Kaaria.

“The Commission finds the conduct of Benson Kaaria and GG Kariuki, both of whom appeared before the Commission, is consistent with official denials and deflections,” the TJRC Report reads.

Nasa Manifesto

The NASA manifesto is titled ‘Reclaiming Our Country: Deconstructing the Past and Constructing the Future’ will be launched on June 19.

It has been tailored to appeal to all regions by addressing their specific issues and giving both short- and long-term solutions.

An enlarged NASA technical committee, with members from the five parties, has been working in Naivasha hotel since Monday, compiling the 15-point manifesto. It is based on Articles 4 and 5 of the Coalition Agreement.

In 2013, Raila unveiled the Cord 10-point agenda manifesto in his third bid for President, with Kalonzo as his running mate.

Star has learnt NASA affiliates, including Raila’s ODM, Kalonzo’s Wiper, Musalia Mudavadi’s ANC, Senator Moses Wetang’ula’s Ford Kenya and Governor Isaac Rutto’s CCM, each submitted their proposals for consideration.

The five principals will meet the manifesto drafters on Sunday.

Economist David Ndii (ODM) is leading the team drafting the NASA campaign document, which will include Kenyans’ major problems under the Jubilee administration.

Problems include the high cost of food and food insecurity, youth unemployment, violence in Northern Kenya, Laikipia and South Rift regions. The issue of communities benefitting from mineral extraction, such as oil in Turkana county, will also be addressed.

Other drafting committee members are Kibisu Kabatesi and Mutakha Kangu (ANC), Adams Oloo and Paul Mwangi (ODM), Eunice Lumallas and Bernard Wakoli (Ford Kenya), Rodney Okoth and Jonathan Mwania (Wiper), Mohamed Guleid and Beatrice Askul (CCM).

“NASA manifesto preparation based on the Coalition Agreement is at an advanced stage. The process now underway is on Article 5 (2). We were already articulating parts of the manifesto on the campaign trail,” Kabatesi, also the NASA communications director, said.

Nasa Manifesto – More TJRC names

The TJRC also names now-nominated Senator Elizabeth Ongoro and recommends she be prosecuted for perpetrating violence by inciting other communities against Kikuyus and Kambas in 2007.

Also cited in the report is the 1963-67 Shifta War. Late former army bosses Major Wilfred Ndolo and General Jackson Mulinge were to be held responsible because execution orders came from their offices.

“The Commission finds Brigadier Joseph Ndolo and Brigadier Jackson Mulinge (as they were then) bear command responsibility for atrocities committed against civilians by the Kenyan Army during the Shifta War,” the report says.

The Shifta war was triggered by Somali secessionists.

TJRC report implicates previous governments of Presidents Jomo Kenyatta and Daniel arap Moi for killings, torture and collective punishments.They were blamed for political assassinations of Pio Gama Pinto, Tom Mboya, JM Kariuki and Dr Robert Ouko.

Retired President Mwai Kibaki’s Narc government is also accused of illegal detentions and extra-judicial killings.

Nasa Manifesto – Rule of law

The manifesto calls for fostering democracy, respect for the constitution and the rule of law through affirmative action, inclusive governance and equitable distribution of resources and jobs.

It insists on zero tolerance of graft, plus transparency, accountability and leadership accessible to all citizens.

For instance, NASA pledges to set up a livestock production and marketing authority for29 pastoralist counties.

The livestock production and marketing Marshall Plan (PALIPMAP) seeks to end conflicts over water and pasture in pastoralist counties and commercial cattle rustling.

The plan aims to improve marginalised economies of pastoralists and integrate them into the mainstream.

Other TJRC commissioners were Tecla Namachanja (vice chair), Ahmed Farah, Margaret Shava, Prof. Tom Ojienda, Gertrude Chawatama (Zambia), Prof. Ron Slye (United States) and Berhanu Dinka (Ethiopia).

Source: The Star

Nasa Manifesto Video

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