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See The Machine Lillian Muli Is Rolling In (PHOTO)

See The Machine Lillian Muli Is Rolling In (PHOTO)

Cars have become a necessity to celebrities. If you don’t have one, poor you. You will have to sneak home at night and very early in the morning so that paparazzi doesn’t catch up with you. Team footsubishi ni stress budaa.

Well, they say a car one drives automatically says a lot about you as a person and I agree with that. Whether it’s BMW i8, Mercedes-Benz, Range Rover, Vitz or Toyota Probox.

In the local showbiz scenes, we have several celebrities who work hard, earn good cash and the kind of lifestyles they live tells a lot. From driving some of the most expensive machines in the world to living in the posh suburbs of the city, these celebrities have really worked hard on their way up.

Sexy TV siren Lillian Muli is among the celebrities living life to the fullest and recently, she decided to show off the car she cruises in. It’s not just an ordinary car but a super expensive machine fit for a queen like her.

Muli’s car is a Range Rover Sport which costs above 2M. Endelea kung’ang’ania matatu.

Here is the car Lillian Muli drives

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