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Hockey in Kenya

The Kenya venue of the team is the City Park Hockey Stadium, Nairobi. lt was built i11 1950 and the opening ceremony was presided over by the Mayor of Nairobi, NF Harris.

Kenya’s best result in the Hockey World Cup was a fourth place in 1971 . In the 1980s, Kenya was ranked among the world’s best hockey teams. It regularly represented the country in prestigious tournaments such as the World Championships, indira Gandhi Cup and the Olympics.

Among the stalwarts in the team were Peter Akatsa, Chris Otambo, Simi Goyal, Paul O1nany, Lucas Alubaha and Mike Omondi, Kenya was ranked among the top five nations in the world. This is no longer the case, but the Kenya Hockey Union is rebuilding the game so that it does not just recreate the golden era, but also surpass it.

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The history of the game in the country goes back may decades. When South African hockey teams and the Indian national team visited Kenya in 1937, it became clear that a central governing body was necessary to take charge of the game.

A constitution was approved in 1949 at the old YMCA premises. The Governor of Kenya, Philip Mitchell, was appointed patron, Godfrey Rhodes secretary and GN Shah treasurer. A public appeal was launched to enrol foundation and life members. More than 100 men responded and paid Sh200 ($2.5 at current rates) each. Five paid a Sh 1,000 ($12.5) subscription fee.

The East African Hockey Associalion was formed to coordinate activities in Kenya, Uganda, Tanganyika (Tanzania) and Zanzibar. In 1961, the union’s constitution was amended to cater for independent Kenyan cricket nation.