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Why I prefer keeping dogs over friends- Akothee

Why I prefer keeping dogs over friends- Akothee

One of Kenya’s richest singers Akothee has courted controversy by publicly claiming that she prefers keeping dogs over friends.

The singer revealed she gladly feeds 32 dogs than five of her friends believing that dogs are less costly compared to humans something that has elicited anger among most of her followers.

She posted on her social media wall:

“It’s cheaper for me to feed 32 dogs but I can’t afford to make 5 friends happy every weekend. I can’t quench their constant thirst for turn up.

These dogs won’t ask for car to drive and bring it back with dents and empty tanks. How do you feel if every time you go out with friends and have to pay their bills, give them ride, get them drunk more than you and on top of that call you to buy them airtime.”

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