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What you need to know when building a brand in Kenya.

It is always difficult managing change in an organisation due to varying opinions of employees. Interestingly, changing a brand identity cannot be achieved without the support of all people in the organisation. A brand is an identity. An identity is more than a name and logo it’s how a company operates, how it’s perceived, how it sees itself. A brand is a promise to the external and internal customers of an organisation.

The output of a branding process must be captured in two parts — the spirit of the brand and its positioning at the marketplace. The spirit of the brand entails the values of the brand which must be understood by staff and customers; positioning entails the brand’s consistency and clarity in the marketplace.

During the branding process there must be communication to customers and employees. Employee training allows the spirit of the brand to be played out and how it relates to their everyday role in the organisation.

It is not just no just enough for management to tell employees that the brand is changing. There is need to orient employees to the new brand through training to create a climate for receptivity to change, and eliminate potential roadblocks. Always remember branding is not changing an organisation’s logo and colours but changing the perception of the organisation.

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