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Information About Kenya – Kenya Information Guide

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Information About Kenya

Kenya officially known as the Republic of Kenya, is a country in  East Africa. Kenya is bordered to the north by Southern Sudan and Ethiopia, to the east by Somalia, to the west by Uganda, to the south by Tanzania, and to the southeast by the Indian Ocean.

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Kenya lies astride the equator on the eastern coast of Africa. It is a medium-sized country by continental standards; covering an area of about 586,600km sq. and a population of nearly 41 million, representing 42 different peoples and cultures.

 Kenya Information Guide

Kenya Information – About Kenya

  1. Kenya Postal Code
  2. Kenya Telephone Code
  3. Geography of Kenya
  4. Religion in Kenya
  5. Area of Kenya
  6. Facts About Kenya
  7. Kenya Population
  8. Kenya Flag
  9. Dating in Kenya
  10. Kenya Ports
  11. Poverty in Kenya
  12. Problems in Kenya
  13. HIV and Aids in Kenya
  14. Capital of Kenya
  15. Kenya Name
  16. Rift Valley in Kenya
  17. Guide to Kenya
  18. Size of Kenya
  19. Kenya Coast
  20. Kenya Currency Shilling (Sh)
  21. Airports in Kenya
  22. Roads in Kenya
  23. Sea Port in Kenya
  24. Land in Kenya
  25. Children Homes in Kenya
  26. Beaches in Kenya – Mombasa Beaches
  27. Kenya Travel Advisory – Kenya Travel Warning
  28. Rehabilitation Centres in Kenya
  29. Trade Unions in Kenya
  30. Street Children in Kenya
  31. Malnutrition in Kenya
  32. International Organisations in Kenya
  33. Squatters in Kenya
  34. The Equator in Kenya
  35. Languages in Kenya
  36. Famous Places in Kenya
  37. Dating Sites in Kenya
  38. Fashion in Kenya
  39. Dresses in Kenya
  40. Unemployment in Kenya
  41. Slums in Kenya
  42. Volunteer in Kenya
  43. Online Dating Sites in Kenya
  44. Housing in Kenya
  45. Best Places to Visit in Kenya
  46. Made in Kenya
  47. Life and Work in Kenya – Living and Working Conditions in Kenya
  48. Cycling in Kenya
  49. Driving in Kenya
  50. Shipping to Kenya – Shipping Companies in Kenya
  51. Theatres, Casinos and Cinemas in Kenya
Information About Kenya - Kenya Information Guide

Information About Kenya – Kenya Information Guide

Information About Kenya – History and Culture

  1. Brief history of Kenya
  2. Kenya – Timeline
  3. History of Kenya
  4. Colonial Kenya

Information About Kenya – Media in Kenya

  1. Newspapers in Kenya
  2. Rivers in Kenya

Information About Kenya – Government

  1. Kenya Visa
  2. Kenyan Passport
  3. Kenya ID
  4. Kenya Police Contacts
  5. Procurement Process in Kenya
  6. Tenders in Kenya
  7. Kenya Traffic act and Laws
  8. Human Rights in Kenya
  9. State House Kenya

Information About Kenya – Money and Finance

  1. Banks in Kenya
  2. Insurance in Kenya
  3. Forex in Kenya
  4. Internet marketing in Kenya
  5. Kenya Trading Partners
  6. Online Forex Trading in Kenya
  7. Investment Banks in Kenya
  8. International Trade in Kenya
  9. Women Entrepreneurs in Kenya
  10. Investment Banking in Kenya.
  11. Kenya Trade Agreements
  12. Online shopping in Kenya
  13. Online Business in Kenya
  14. How To Register A Sole Proprietorship / Partnership In Kenya
  15. Small business in Kenya
  16. Starting / registering a company or a business in Kenya
  17. Loans in Kenya
  18. Business Directory in Kenya
  19. Starting a Small Business in Kenya
  20. Shopping and Shopping Malls in Nairobi

Kenya Information Guide – Business

  1. Accountants and Auditors in Kenya
  2. Clearing and Forwarding in Kenya
  3. Travel Companies in Kenya
  4. Security Companies in Kenya
  5. SACCO’s in Kenya
  6. Cars Dealers in Kenya
  7. Property and Real Estate in Kenya
  8. Agriculture in Kenya
  9. Hospital in Kenya
  10. Hotels in Kenya
  11. Shops and Supermarkets in Kenya
  12. Wedding and Events in Kenya
  13. Services in Kenya
  14. Sports Shops in Kenya
  15. Advertising in Kenya
  16. Couriers in Kenya
  17. Entertainment in Kenya
  18. Tour Operators in Kenya
  19. Car Hire in Kenya
  20. Lawyers in Kenya
  21. Chemists and Pharmacies in Kenya

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Kenya Information Guide – Industry

  1. Industries in Kenya
  2. Oil Companies in Kenya
  3. Construction Companies in Kenya
  4. Manufacturing Companies in Kenya
  5. Publishers in Kenya

Kenya Information Guide – Education

  1. Primary Schools in Kenya
  2. Secondary Schools in Kenya
  3. Universities in Kenya
  4. Colleges in Kenya
  5. Scholarships in Kenya

Information on Kenya – ICT

  1. IT Companies in Kenya
  2. Software Companies in Kenya
  3. Web Designers in Kenya

Kenya Information Guide – Others

  1. Associations in Kenya
  2. Society in Kenya
  3. Google Kenya
  4. Joint Admissions Board
  5. Parastatles in Kenya
  6. Airlines in Kenya
  7. Churches in Kenya
  8. Airports in Kenya
  9. Youth Groups in Kenya