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Accommodation and Hotels in Eldoret Kenya

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Hotels in Eldoret – About Eldoret

Lying south of the Cherangani Hills, Eldoret is Kenya’s fifth largest town. Its name was derived from “eldare”, a Maasai word which means “stony river”. Eldoret is the hometown of numerous legendary Kenyan runners, the most renowned of whom is Kipchoge Keino.

Eldoret is also the bread basket of Kenya and predominately a farming region where maize, wheat farming and ranching take place on a large scale. The town is served by a modern fully fledged airport [Eldoret international Airport] which opens up the town to other domestic as well as international regions.

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Eldoret town is an excellent location for sightseeing with breathtaking sceneries such as the Kerio Valley. Excursions, bird watching and camping are some of the other activities that the town is known for.

Hotels in Eldoret Kenya

Hotels in Eldoret Kenya

Here is a comprehensive list of all Lodges, Camps Accommodation and Hotels in Eldoret Kenya, their addresses (postal and physical), contacts (telephone and e-mail) and a link to the hotel website

Accommodation and Hotels in Eldoret Kenya

  1. Naiberi River Campsite and Resort – Eldoret Kenya
  2. Twiga Resort – Eldoret Kenya
  3. Relax lnn Simba Village – Eldoret Kenya
  4. Marriott Hotel – Eldoret Kenya
  5. Sego Safari Lodge – Kerio Valley Kenya
  6. Lelin Campsite and Bandas – Kerio Valley Kenya
  7. Kerio View – Iten Kenya
  8. Eldoret Club – Kenya
  9. Poa Place Resort – Eldoret Kenya
  10. The Nobel Conference Centre – Eldoret Kenya
  11. Klique Hotel – Eldoret Kenya
  12. White Castle Motel – Eldoret Kenya
  13. White Highlands Inn – Eldoret Kenya
  14. Eldoret Wagon Hotel – Kenya
  15. Hotel Sirikwa – Eldoret Kenya

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