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Churches in Kenya – List of Churches in Kenya

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Church in Kenya

There are more than 4,000 registered churches in Kenya, belonging to an innumerable variety of religious denominations. They can range from very mainstream churches, to lesser – known evangelical and gospel offshoots.

Churches in Kenya are predominately Christian, though many different denominations and congregations exist within the population. Overall, more than three quarters of the population identify themselves as Christian (either Protestant or Roman Catholic). However, many Kenyans mix their Christian beliefs with traditional beliefs (such as belief in witchcraft).

Most of the well-established churches in Kenya have their roots in early missionary work, when Europeans first took an interest in the area and they saw an opportunity to preach to a wide new audience.

List of Churches in Kenya

Mainstream Churches in Kenya

  1. Roman Catholics Church
  2. Anglican Church
  3. Full Gospel Churches
  4. Presbyterian Church of East Africa
  5. Africa Inland Church
  6. Methodist Church
  7. Baptist Church

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Lately however, Kenya has witnessed the mushrooming of what are referred to as Pentecostal churches. In Nairobi, the most popular ones include

Church in Kenya – Pentecostal Churches in Nairobi

  1. Nairobi Pentecostal Church

    Churches in Kenya - List of Churches in Kenya

    Churches in Kenya – List of Churches in Kenya

  2. Nairobi Lighthouse Church
  3. Redeemed Gospel Church
  4. Deliverance Church
  5. Jesus is Alive Ministries
  6. Jubilee Christian Centre

Besides these denominations, there are numerous others with a significant presence in Kenya.

Churches in Kenya (2009 census)

  1. Catholic Population – 9,010,684
  2. Protestant Population – 18,307,466
  3. Other Christian Population – 4.559,584
  4. Muslim Population – 4,304,798
  5. Hindu Population – 53,393
  6. Traditionalist Population – 635,352
  7. Other Religion Population– 557,450
  8. No Religion Population – 922,128
  9. Don’t Know  – 61,233

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