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Kenya Police Service: Website, Contacts, Recruitment, Abstract, Salaries and Ranks

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Kenya Police Service Mandate

As outlined in Part III, section 24 of the National Police Service Act, the mandate of the Kenya Police are:

    1. Provide assistance to the public when in need
    2. Maintenance of law and order
    3. Preservation of peace
    4. Protection of life and property
    5. Investigation of crimes
    6. Collection of criminal intelligence
    7. Prevention and deduction of crime
    8. Apprehension of offenders
    9. Enforcement of laws and regulations with which it is charged
    10. Performance of any other duties as may be assigned by the Inspector General in accordance with the law

Kenya Police – Administration Police Service Mandate

As outlined in Part IV, section 27 of the National Police Service Act, 2011, the mandate of the Administrative Police Service are:

  1. Provide assistance to the public when in need
  2. Maintain law and order
  3. Preserve peace
  4. Protect life and property
  5. Provide border control and border security
  6. Provide specialised stock theft prevention services
  7. Protection of government property, vital installations and strategic point as may be directed by the Inspector General
  8. Coordinating and complementing Government agencies in conflict management and peace building
  9. Apprehension of offenders
  10. Performance of any other duties as may be assigned by the Inspector General in accordance with the law

Kenya Police – Directorate of Criminal Investigations Mandate

Under the direction, command and control of the Inspector General, the Directorate of Criminal Investigations:

  1. Collects and provides criminal intelligence
  2. Undertakes investigations on serious crimes including homicides, narcotics, money laundering and economic crimes
  3. Maintains law and order
  4. Detects and prevents crime
  5. Apprehends offenders
  6. Maintain criminal records
  7. Coordinates country Interpol Affairs
  8. Carries out investigation of matters that may be referred to it by the Independent Police Oversight Authority

Kenya Police Abstract and Downloads

  1. Loss of Items Police abstract Form
  2. Road Accident_abstract Form
  3. Police p3 Form
  4. National Police Service Act

The Kenya Police Recruitment

Kenya police service recruitment is usually announced nationally via public media ( Newspapers, Radio and TV ) Here is the Kenya police recruitment form that one is supposed to fill.

  1. Recruitment application form

Kenya Police Ranks

The Kenya Police wear badges of rank on the shoulders (Inspector-General – Inspector) and sleeve (Senior Sergeant – Constable) of their uniform to denote their rank. In line with the ongoing reforms, the uniforms committee is also working on new insignia for the revised rank structure, which will have to be approved by the National Police Service Commission. The order of Kenya Police ranks is as follows:[18]

  1. Inspector-General (formerly Commissioner of Police) – equivalent to the 4-star General in the Kenya Defence Forces (KDF)
  2. Deputy Inspector General – equivalent to the 3-star Lieutenant General in the KDF
  3. Senior Assistant Inspector General – equivalent to the 2-star Major General in the KDF
  4. Assistant Inspector General – equivalent to the 1-star Brigadier in the KDF
  5. Senior Superintendent – equivalent to Colonel in the KDF
  6. Superintendent – equivalent to Lieutenant Colonel in the KDF
  7. Assistant Superintendent – equivalent to Major in the KDF
  8. Chief Inspector – equivalent to Captain in the KDF
  9. Inspector – equivalent to Lieutenant in the KDF
  10. Senior Sergeant – equivalent to Senior Sergeant in the KDF
  11. Sergeant – equivalent to Sergeant in the KDF
  12. Constable – equivalent to Private and Corporal in the KDF

Kenya Police Department

The Kenya Police is divided into the following departments

  1. General Service Unit (GSU)
  2. Anti Stock Theft Unit
  3. Criminal Investigation Department
  4. Traffic Police Department
  5. Kenya Police College
  6. Kenya Police Air Wing
  7. Kenya Railways Police
  8. Kenya Police Dog Unit
  9. Tourism Police Unit
  10. Kenya Airports Police Unit
  11. Maritime Police Unit
  12. Diplomatic Police Unit

Kenya Police Salaries

Kenya Police Salary

The lowest ranked police officer, a constable, gets a salary of Sh1,650 as house allowance in addition to a salary of between Sh17,190 and Sh32,880.

Kenya Police Website

The official Kenya police website is:

Kenya Police Contacts

National Police Service Contacts

Kenya Police Contacts – The Inspector General, National Police Service

Jogoo House “A” Taifa Road
Post Office Box 44249-00100
Telephone: Tel: 020-2110671

Kenya Police Contacts – The Deputy Inspector General, Kenya Police Service

Vigilance House,Harambee Avenue
Post Office Box 30083-00100
Telephone: Tel: 020-341411-18

Kenya Police Contacts – The Deputy Inspector General, Administration Police Service

Jogoo House “A” Taifa Road
Post Office Box 3006-00100
Telephone: Tel: 020-2252688/0

Kenya Police Contacts – Directorate of Criminal Investigations,

Exciting Articles

Mazingira House
Kiambu Road
Post Office Box 30036-00100
Telephone: Tel: 020-343312,2603724

Kenya Police Tenders

Kenya Police Tenders can be downloaded from th Kenya police website or via this link: Kenya Police Tenders

Kenya Police Sacco

Kenya Police Staff SACCO Society Limited was registered on 20th November 1972 and was issued with a registration certificate number CS/2092. The Society has seen growth in its membership from a few hundred’s currently stands at 40,101. It has 9 elected members who form the Board of Directors of the SACCO and 3 members of the Supervisory Committee.

Kenya Police Sacco Vision:

To be a leading Sacco in financial services regionally

Kenya Police Sacco Mission:

To mobilize savings, provide diversified financial products and services through prudent management in order to maximize returns to members and stakeholders.

Kenya Police Sacco Slogan:

United for prosperity

Kenya Police Sacco Objectives:

  1. To encourage thrift among members by affording them an opportunity for accumulating savings
  2. To create a source of funds at fair and reasonable rate of interest
  3. To provide an opportunity for each of its members to improve their respective economic and social conditions
  4. To provide its members with credit for purposes of providence or production or both
  5. To offer the members complimentary savings and credit services and other financial products as may be required by the members from time to time
  6. To ensure safety and soundness of the members funds through a risk management program or appropriate insurance coverage
  7. To ensure the progress of its members by educating them continuously on the proper use of credit
  8. To perform the function and exercise the powers designated for savings and credit co-operative societies under the applicable law for the benefit of the members

Kenya Police Sacco Contacts

Kenya Police Sacco Head Quarters ‐ Nairobi

Kenya Police Sacco Plaza,
Ngara Road, off Muranga Road,
P.O. Box 51042 ‐ 00200, Nairobi
Office Pilot line: 0709 825 000

Mombasa Branch

Oriental Building, Ground Floor,
Nkuruma Road
Tel: 041- 2312855

Eldoret Branch

Kirem Plaza, 3rd Floor,
Ronald Ngala Street
Tel: 053-2031811

Kenya Police Service

Kenya Police Service

Police Stations in Kenya and Police Hotlines

  1. Wundanyi Police Station
  2. Webuye Police Station
  3. Watamu Police Station
  4. Wanguru PoliceStation
  5. Wajir Police Station
  6. Voi Police Station
  7. Vihiga OCPD Office
  8. Turbo Police Station
  9. Trans-Mara OCPD
  10. Tot Police Station
  11. Timau Police Station
  12. Tigoni Police Station
  13. Tigania Police Station
  14. Thindigua Patrol Base
  15. Thika Police Station
  16. Thika Police Station
  17. Thika Hotline
  18. Teso Hotline
  19. Taveta Police Station
  20. Taru
  21. Tana OCPD Office
  22. Tambach Police Station
  23. Sultan Hamud Police Station
  24. Subukia Police Station
  25. Sultan Hamud Police Station
  26. Subukia Police Station
  27. Spring Valley
  28. Sololo Police Station
  29. Solai Police Station
  30. Siaya OCPD’s Office
  31. Siaya Hotline
  32. Siaya
  33. Shauri Moyo
  34. Shauri Moyo
  35. Sericho Police Station
  36. Serem Police Station
  37. Salama Police Station
  38. Sagana Police Station
  39. Rweno Police Post
  40. Runyenjes PoliceStation
  41. Ruiru Police Station
  42. Riruta Pol.Station
  43. Rhamu Police Station
  44. Port Victoria Police
  45. Parkalnds Police Station
  46. Parkalnds Police Station
  47. Pap Onditi Police Station
  48. Pangani Police Station
  49. Oyugis Police Station
  50. Othaya Police Station
  51. Ol Joro Orok Police Station
  52. Nyeri Hotline
  53. Nyando OCPD
  54. Nyandarua Hotline
  55. Nyamira Police Station
  56. Nyamira OCPD
  57. Nyamira Hotline
  58. Nyali Police Station
  59. Nyahururu Police Station
  60. Nyahururu Police Station
  61. Ntumu Police Station
  62. Nkubu Police Station
  63. Njoro Police Station
  64. Njabini Police Station
  65. Ngubi Patrol Base
  66. Ngomongo
  67. Ndaragwa Police Station
  68. Ndaragwa Police Station
  69. Nchiru Police Station
  70. Naromoru Police Station
  71. Narok Police Station
  72. Narok OCPD Office
  73. Nakuru Police Station
  74. Nakuru Hotline
  75. Nakuru Hotline
  76. Nakuru Hotline
  77. Naivasha OCPD Office
  78. Naivasha
  79. Nairobi Industrial Area
  80. Nairobi Central OCPD
  81. Mwingi Police Station
  82. Mwingi Pabx
  83. Mwingi OCPD Office
  84. Mweiga Police Station
  85. Muthaiga Police Station
  86. Muranga Hotline
  87. Mumias Police Station
  88. Mukurwe-Ini Police Station
  89. Mtitu Andei Police Station
  90. Mt Elgon OCPD Office
  91. Msambweni Police Station
  92. Moyale Police Station
  93. Mombasa Urban OCPD Office
  94. Mombasa Headquaters
  95. Mombasa Central Police Station
  96. Molo OCPD Office
  97. Moi’s Bridge Police Station
  98. Modogashe Police Station
  99. Milangine Police Station
  100. Mikinduri Police Station
  101. Migwani Police Station
  102. Meru South OCPD Office
  103. Meru North OCPD Office
  104. Meru Central Hotline
  105. Merti Police Station
  106. Menengai Police Station
  107. Mbooni Police Station
  108. Mbaraki Depot
  109. Maua Police Station
  110. Matunda Police Station
  111. Mathare
  112. Mathare
  113. Masalani
  114. Marigat Police Station
  115. Mariakani Police Station
  116. Marakwet OCPD Office
  117. Marakwet Hotline
  118. Maragua Police Station
  119. Maragua Hotline
  120. Mandera OCPD Office
  121. Malindi Police Station
  122. Malindi OCPD Office
  123. Malindi Hotline
  124. Malakisi Police Station
  125. Malaba Police Station
  126. Makupa Police Station
  127. Makueni Hotline
  128. Makongeni
  129. Magumu Police Post
  130. Lwala Police Station
  131. Lungalunga
  132. Madogo Police Station
  133. Lugari OCPP
  134. Lugari OCPD
  135. Luanda Police Station
  136. Lolgorian Police Station
  137. Lolgorian Police Station
  138. Likoni Police Station
  139. Lari Police Station
  140. Langata OCPD
  141. Lanet Police Station
  142. Lamu OCPD Office
  143. Kyuso Police Station
  144. Kwhisero OCPP
  145. Kwale OCPD Office
  146. Kuria OCPD’s
  147. Koru Police Station
  148. Kitui OCPD Office
  149. Kitale Hotline
  150. Kisumu OCPD’s Office
  151. Kirinyaga OCPD Office
  152. Kiriani Police Post
  153. Kipkabus OCPP
  154. Kipipiri Police Station
  155. Kinango 15
  156. Kiminini Police Station
  157. Kimilili Police Station
  158. Kimende Patrol Base
  159. Kilome Police Station
  160. Kilome Police Station
  161. Kilimani Police Station
  162. Kilimani OCPD
  163. Kilimani D/OCPD
  164. Kilifi OCPD Office
  165. Kilgoris
  166. Kileleshwa
  167. Kikuyu Police Station
  168. Kijipwa Police Station
  169. Kijabe Police Station
  170. Kiirua Police Station
  171. Kigumo Police Station Hse
  172. Kigumo Police Station
  173. Kiganjo Police Station
  174. Kibwezi Police Station
  175. Kianyaga Police Station
  176. Kiambu Hotline
  177. Keroka Police Station
  178. Kericho Police Station
  179. Kericho OCPD Office
  180. Kenyatta Police Post
  181. Keiyo OCPD Office
  182. Keiyo Hotline
  183. Kasarani Police Station
  184. Kasarani OCPD
  185. Kasarani DCIO
  186. Kasarani Police Station
  187. Karuri Police Station
  188. Kariene Police Station
  189. Karen Police Station
  190. Karatina Police Station
  191. Kaptagat Police Station
  192. Kapsowar Police Station
  193. Kapsokwony Police Station
  194. Kaptembwa Police Station
  195. Kangema Police Station
  196. Kangema Police Station
  197. Kandara Police Station
  198. Kanangop Police Station
  199. Kakamega OCPD Office
  200. Kahuro Police Station
  201. Kahawa Sukari
  202. Kabras Police Station
  203. Kabete
  204. Juja Police Station
  205. Jogoo Police Station
  206. Jogoo Police Station
  207. Ijara Police
  208. Ijara OCPD Office
  209. Homabay OCPD Office
  210. Homa Bay Hotline
  211. Hola Police Station Hola
  212. Griftu Police Station
  213. Githunguri Police Station
  214. Githumu Police Station
  215. Gilgil Police Station
  216. Gatundu Police Station
  217. Garissa Hotline
  218. Embu Hotline
  219. Embakasi OCPD
  220. Elwark Police Station
  221. Elementaita Police Post
  222. Chuka Police Station
  223. Cherangani Police Station
  224. Changamwe Police Station
  225. Central PPO Office
  226. Capital Hill Post
  227. Butere OCPD Office
  228. Busia Hotline
  229. Buruburu Police Station
  230. Buruburu OCPD
  231. Burubru
  232. Buruburu
  233. Bura Police Station
  234. Bungoma Hotline
  235. Bookers OCPP
  236. Bondo OCPD’s Office
  237. Baricho Police Station
  238. Bamburi Police Station
  239. Arror Police Station
  240. Amagoro OCPD
  241. Ahero Police Station
  242. Hardy Police Station
  243. Capital Hill Post
  244. Nairobi Central Police Station
  245. Ol Kalou Police Station
  246. Yala Police Station
  247. Wajir OCPD Office
  248. Voi Police Station
  249. Ukwala Police Station
  250. Taita Taveta Police Station
  251. Taita Taveta OCPD Office
  252. Saba Saba Police Post
  253. Rachuonyo Hotline
  254. Rachuonyo OCPD’s Office
  255. Pangani Police Station
  256. Nairobi Central OCPD
  257. Muthaiga Police Station
  258. Madogo Police Station
  259. Koru Police Station
  260. Kiirua Police Station
  261. Karatina Police Station
  262. Kabati Police Station
  263. Jamhuri Police Post
  264. Igoji Police Post
  265. Garbatulla Police Station
  266. Funyula Police Station
  267. Eldoret Police Station
  268. Bahati Police Station
  269. Adungosi Police Station