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Kenya Directory – Kenya Business Directory

Looking for a Kenyan  Business? Kenya business directory lists thousands of Kenyan  companies, businesses, non-profit organisations, charities and companies that are in Kenya.

Kenya Business Directory

Kenya Real Estate Directory

  1. Mortgages in Kenya
  2. Property Companies in Kenya
  3. Property Valuers in Kenya
  4. Real Estate Agents in Kenya
  5. Real Estate Developers in Kenya

Kenya Entertainment Directory

  1. Casinos in Kenya
  2. Cinemas in Kenya
  3. Clubs in Kenya
  4. Entertainment in Kenya
  5. Film Production Companies in Kenya

Kenya Cars Directory

  1. Car Accessories in Kenya
  2. Car Dealers in Kenya
  3. Cars in Kenya
  4. Motorbike Dealers in Kenya
  5. Motorbikes For Sale in Kenya

Kenya Electrical & Electronics Directory

  1. Cables Companies in Kenya
  2. Electrical Companies in Kenya
  3. Electrical Contractors in Kenya
  4. Electrical Suppliers in Kenya
  5. Electronics in Kenya

Kenya Security Directory

  1. Electric Fence Companies in Kenya
  2. Kenya Police Service
  3. Private Investigators in Kenya
  4. Safes in Kenya
  5. Security Companies in Kenya

Kenya Tourism Directory

  1. Tourism in Kenya
  2. Hotels in Kenya
  3. Attractions in Kenya
  4. Tour Operators in Kenya
  5. Embassies in Kenya

Kenya Health Directory

  1. Doctors in Kenya
  2. ENT Specialist in Kenya
  3. Gynecologists in Kenya
  4. Hospitals in Kenya
  5. Paediatricians in Kenya

Kenya Education Directory

  1. Colleges in Kenya
  2. Education in Kenya
  3. Primary Schools in Kenya
  4. Secondary Schools in Kenya
  5. Universities in Kenya

Kenya Computer Directory

  1. Computer Shops in Kenya
  2. Mobile Phone Shops in Kenya
  3. Networking Companies in Kenya
  4. Software Development Companies in Kenya
  5. Web Design Companies in Kenya

Kenya Manufacturing Directory

  1. Plastic Manufacturers in Kenya
  2. Polythene Bags Manufacturers in Kenya
  3. Scrap Metals Dealers in Nairobi
  4. Steel Manufacturers in Kenya
  5. Tents in Kenya

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