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Other Businesses in Kenya

Other Businesses in Kenya

Other Businesses in Kenya can be started with little capital in Kenya. Operating a business in Nairobi,Kisumu,Mombasa, Nakuru, Eldoret, Narok, Kisii or any town in Kenya is extremely easy if you know the best business to start with small capital ,but with high profits.

Some of the businesses require business proposal,especially those requiring tenders but most of the small businesses require knowledge and strategy.Some of the business listed in this article require no capital to start.

Other Businesses in Kenya – Managerial Skills

Business is all about managerial skills and how best you treat customers.It doesn’t matter whether you have a business proposal or not.It doesn’t matter whether you obtain your capital through bank loan or saving;it doesn’t matter whether you started with Sh 1,000 as long as you know how to treat customers and have clear strategy.

Other Businesses in Kenya Photo

Other Businesses in Kenya Photo

Other Businesses in Kenya – Business Ideas

New business ideas are available wherever you look. Yes, they do require commitment to execute them, but coming up with new business ideas and successfully executing them is one of the cornerstones to achieving financial freedom. After careful research, the ideas below have been noted to be some of the best business ideas in Kenya.

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Other Businesses in Kenya

A comprehensive list of Other Businesses in Kenya, their addresses (postal and physical), contacts (telephone and e-mail) and a link to other businesses in Kenya websites.

List of Other Businesses in Kenya

  1. Aberdare Investments
  2. Academy of Savvy Investors
  3. Adok Timo
  4. Afro-Chartered Investments Kenya Ltd
  5. Aftin Investments
  6. Aijalon Investments Ltd
  7. Al Itgan Investment Co Ltd
  8. Albert Carr & Co Ltd
  9. Amity Investment Ltd
  10. Aquad Investment
  11. Arise Africa Investments
  12. Awondo Investments Ltd
  13. Ayaki Investment Ltd
  14. Baraka Investments Ltd
  15. Baraniki Investments
  16. Bekins Investments Co Ltd
  17. Benchmark Investments
  18. Benle Investments Ltd
  19. Black Investment Ltd
  20. Blue Angel Investment
  21. Boston Investment Ltd
  22. Brankem Suppliers Ltd
  23. Branton Investments Ltd
  24. Brightline Graphics Investment Ltd
  25. Capital Investments Ltd
  26. Cassia Capital Partners Limited
  27. Centum Investment
  28. Prime Investments Limited
  29. Sameer Investments Ltd

Other Businesses in Kenya – Video

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