Weighing Scales in Kenya

Weighing Scales in Kenya companies offer a wide range of products & services for Weighing Systems, Material Handling & Automation. Today they have evolved as an organizations with global reach and having multi business activities. They are operating through branches in Kenya, East Africa and distributor network in South Africa. Pertaining to your scope of interest, they are pleased to introduce their range of scale Products

Weighing Machines and  Scales in Kenya – Authorized Distributors

Weighing Scales in Kenya are the authorized distributors of electronic scales in Kenya, serves East Africa’s businesses in Retail, Industrial, Laboratory & Healthcare sectors. Their scales models are designed to assist in day-to-day operations, either in a kitchen, medical practice, gym, retail or hardware shop and are reliable and easy to use. They come in a variety of sizes, capacities, features & functions to suit multiple applications

Weighing Scales in Kenya
Weighing Scales in Kenya

Weighing Scales in Kenya – Products

Their products are Pattern Approved for weighing. This involves examination and testing of all new types or patterns of weighing equipment intended to be put into trade use by the Weights and Measures department. The control measure ensures that:

1)Scales are constructed in accordance with the legal technical specifications covering physical characteristics, construction details, materials of construction and tolerances.
2)Instruments maintain accuracy and other essential qualities and characteristics such as sensitivity, durability and repeatability for a long period under varied condition of use.
3) Weighing scales are not of a type, which can be easily manipulated or altered to perpetrate fraud in their use for   trade transactions.
4) Periodic Verification:weighing scales are regularly tested to keep up to the prescribed accuracy limits.

Weighing Scales in Kenya

Weighing scale companies in Kenya.

Scales and software (k) limited

They provide installation services in various industries including Manufacturing, Food & Agribusiness, Dairy and Transport (Weigh Bridges)

Ostrich scales limited

The company operates under weights and measures department. They sell and service all kinds of weighing machines and scales including weighbridges.
Address; Industrial Area,Lusingeti rd off Likoni Rd,KIE GD NO 9

Endeavour instrument africa limited

They are one of the leading suppliers & service provider for weighing scales, weighbridge & Lifting Equipment’s in Kenya. They have an ex-stock capacity ranging from 1mg Pocket Scale / Precision Scale to 150 Ton Electronic Weighbridge.

Email: info@endeavourkenya
Tel: +254 733 551893


Weighing Scales in Kenya – Video


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