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Borehole Drilling Companies in Kenya

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Borehole Drilling in Kenya – Affordable Borehole Drilling in Kenya

Water is one of the most essential entities that people could not survive without. Water is a natural resource that has the most purposes on the modes of life. Water can be used for domestic purposes such as drinking, cleaning and bathing, for irrigation in agricultural lands and schemes, for industrial processes and many more purposes. The source of water may also vary from place to place. There are companies that have specialized in the provision of piped water in the residents and people. However, other use dams, rivers, lakes and boreholes.

For use of a borehole, there should be a procedure which is followed for the safety of the water as well as the people as the boreholes are very deep and if the correct procedure is not followed then it may pose dangers and probably injuries to the people within that particularly area. This therefore needs a borehole drilling company most of who follow the correct procedures in the drilling of boreholes and their water use processes. These companies have been developed in Kenya due to the benefits that the people of Kenya have seen in the use of borehole water and thereby offer the services to the people. The most drilling

Services offered by borehole drilling companies in Kenya

  • construction of generator houses
  • construction of tank rest platforms
  • Hand pump installations
  • Installation of water pipelines
  • Mud drilling
  • Pump Installation
  • Rotary DTH air drilling
  • Specialty drilling
  • Hydro-Geological surveys and EIA studies
  • Reeming and installation of steel casings
  • Pressure pumps
  • Borehole Rehabilitation
  • Manhole covers
  • Water supply and Irrigation system works
  • Installation of PVC casings

List of Borehole Drilling Companies in Kenya

Afraha water Limited located at Kariobangi Roundabout, Koma Rock Road

Address: 1461200800
Tel: 0721827218

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African Borehole Initiative located at Lunga Lunga Road

Address: 27500507, Viwandani

African Boreholes Initiative Limited located at NCPB Complex, Lunga Lunga road

Address: 6463000620 Mobil Plaza
Tel: 0723 607368

Agro Irrigation and Pump Services Limited

Address: 32111 oo600 Ngara Road
Tel: 0735 888000

Almak Aqua Drillers Limited

Address: 1639 90100 Machakos
Tel: 0735 991990

Aqua drilling and Civil Works Company Limited located at Haven court, 1st Floor, Unit c3, Waiyaki Way

Address: 3914600623 Parklands
Tel: 0704 26382

Aqua Well Services Limited located at Bock D5, Jameson Court, 1st Floor, Ngong Road

Address: 15126 00100 Nairobi GPO
Tel: 0736 273290

Artesian (K) Limited located at Artesian (K) Limited Premises, Kamiti Road off Thika Super High Way.

Address: 12619 00400 Tom Mboya Street
Tel: 0733 388 177

Basil Drilling Company Limited located at Garden Estate

Addres: 63205 00619
Tel: 0733 388 177

Beacon Water Resources located at Rosslyn Gardens, off Naivasha Road

Tel: 0728 793298

Davis and Shirtliff Limited located at Davis and Shirtliff (building 11) Dundori Road.

Address: 41762 00100
Tel: 206968000

Export- Hydro Pump & Services (Africa) Limited located at Export- hydro premises, Yarrow Road off Lunga Lunga Road.

Address: 31969 00600 Ngara road
Tel: 0728 355530

Fountain Vent Limited located at Westside Mall, Ist Floor, Kenyatta Avenue.

Address: 14766 20100 Nakuru
Tel: 0722 875153

Geospa Drilling located at Geospa Drilling premises, Block F, Door 3, old airport road.

Address: 6696 00100
Tel: 0721 679025

Groundwater and Technical Services Limited located at Ngong Hills Plaza, Ngong Road.

Address: 933 00502 Karen
Tel: 0724 458684/ 202 620540

Hydrospan Agencies Limited located at Vision Plaza, Mombasa Road.

Address: 62745 00200 City Square
Tel: 0723218977

Jordan Water Solutions and Technologies Limited located at Kibuye Jua Kali Association Building, Ground Floor, Room number 18, Makasembo Road Opposite Kiwasco

Address: 9535 40141 Winam
Tel: 0734 587 403

Kelly Construction Limited located at Hurlingham Plaza, 1st floor room B10, Argwings Kodhek Road

Address: 58822 00200 City Square
Tel: 0722 363439

List of borehole drilling companies in Kenya – List of Water Drilling Companies in Kenya

A comprehensive list of all Water Drilling Companies in Kenya, their addresses (postal and physical), contacts (telephone and e-mail) and a link to the borehole drilling companies in kenya websites.

  1. Africa Drilling Ltd
  2. African Water Drilling Co. Ltd
  3. Agro Irrigation & Pump Services Ltd
  4. Aqua Drilling and Civil Works Co. Ltd
  5. Artesian (K) Ltd
  6. Bon Borehole Drillers
  7. Borehole Drilling Companies in Kenya
  8. Davis & Shirtliff Ltd
  9. Drilling & Prospecting International Ltd
  10. Drilling & Waterflow Pumps
  11. Drilling Services International Ltd
  12. Drilling Spares & Services Ltd
  13. East Africa Aquatech Drilling Limited
  14. Export-Hydro Pump & Services(Africa) Ltd
  15. Foundation Engineering Services Ltd
  16. Greatwall Drilling Company Ltd
  17. Hydro Water (K) Ltd
  18. Hydrospan Agencies Ltd
  19. Indepth Water Services & Management Ltd
  20. Indo – African Co Ltd
  21. Insta-Pumps Engineering Ltd
  22. J B Drilling Ltd
  23. Jordan Water Solutions & Technologies Ltd
  24. Jordan Water Solutions & Technologies Ltd
  25. Jordan Water Solutions & Technologies Ltd
  26. Kelly Construction Ltd
  27. Kisima Drilling (E.A) Ltd
  28. Lewakas Ltd
  29. Lewakas Ltd
  30. Living Water International Kenya
  31. Maru Piling & Geotechnical Contractors Ltd
  32. Mburu Borehole Services Ltd
  33. Midrock Water Drilling Ltd
  34. Minex MS Ltd
  35. Mowlem Construction Co (E A) Ltd, The
  36. Oil Field Movers
  37. Pass Africa Ltd
  38. PRD Rigs Kenya Ltd
  39. Premier Water Solutions
  40. Prime Rigs & Drillers Ltd
  41. Sparr Drilling Co Ltd
  42. Sparr Drilling Co Ltd
  43. Starr Drilling Co
  44. Thrust Bore Technics Limited
  45. Turn-O-Metal Engineers Ltd
  46. Vajra Drill Ltd
  47. Vajra Drill Ltd
  48. Waterlogic Engineering Ltd
  49. Waterlords Ltd
  50. Waterman Drilling Africa Ltd
  51. Wilmag (K) Ltd
borehole drilling companies in kenya

borehole drilling companies in kenya

Water Drilling Companies in Kenya – Video

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