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Chemical Companies in Kenya – Chemical Industries in Kenya

Chemical Companies in Kenya

Chemical Companies in Kenya serves multiple industries, including infrastructure, coatings, agriculture, bedding, furniture and packaging in East Africa. In line with their commitment to Sustainability, this companies partnered with non-profit organization to help local entrepreneurs develop and commercialize products and services in agriculture, water and sanitation, and energy.

Chemical Companies in Kenya – Products

Products – Agrochemicals

Agriculture is setting the pace in Kenya’s agrochemical sector by providing crop protection and nutrition products which enable farmers to improve the quality and yields of their crops. Their products are sourced from major international manufacturers either as finished products or as raw materials which are then formulated and packed.

Chemical Companies in Kenya Photo

Chemical Companies in Kenya Photo

Products – Veterinary Pharmaceutical

Animal Health is one of the largest Veterinary Pharmaceutical distributor in the region with offices in Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania and Zambia. Their aim is to be a strong partner of all stakeholders in the livestock sector. Their commitment is to provide affordable high-quality products that are compliant with E.U. and G.M.P standards.

Products – Commercial Explosives Division

The companies strives to firmly cement and strengthen their position in the East African market by being recognized as market leaders in the reliable supply of quality explosive products and accessories that meet our customer needs. The division enjoys the full support of a highly qualified technical team.

Chemical Companies in Kenya

A comprehensive list of all chemical companies in Kenya, their addresses (postal and physical), contacts (telephone and e-mail) and a link to the chemical industries in Kenya websites.

List of Chemical Industries in Kenya

  1. Abcon Ltd
  2. Afriquest Ltd
  3. Afrochem Products
  4. Agrichem And Tools Ltd
  5. Agriscope (Africa) Ltd
  6. Agrovet Vetagro & Supplies
  7. Androclovi Chemical Agencies Ltd
  8. Anset International Ltd
  9. Apollo Chemist
  10. Bell Chemical Industries Ltd
  11. Bio-Medica Laboratories Ltd
  12. Bioline Enterprises
  13. Brite Maintainance Ltd
  14. Bubanks Ltd
  15. Canon Chemicals Ltd
  16. Catalyst Chemicals Ltd
  17. Chem-Rectic Ltd
  18. Chemafrica ltd
  19. Chemicals & Solvents (EA) Ltd
  20. Chemid Kenya Ltd
  21. Chemkleen Products Ltd
  22. ChemRaw EA Ltd
  23. Ciandci Chemicals Ltd
  24. Craftsman Enterprises (K) Ltd
  25. Dahya Chemical Ltd
  26. Decase Chemicals Ltd
  27. Desbro (Kenya) Ltd
  28. Diamond Chemicals Ltd
  29. Eastern Coatings & Chemicals Ltd
  30. Euro Industrial Chemicals Ltd
  31. Euro Industrial Chemicals Ltd
  32. Evonik East Africa
  33. Excel Chemicals Ltd
  34. Faram E A Ltd
  35. Gelky Lab Chem & Equips
  36. Gopitech (K) Ltd
  37. Henkel Chemicals (E A)
  38. Henkel Chemicals (E A) – Malindi Depot Branch
  39. Homa Lime Co Ltd, Koru
  40. House Of Chemicals Africa Ltd
  41. House of Chemicals Africa Ltd
  42. Impact Chemicals Ltd
  43. Jumbo Agrovet
  44. Kianda Agrovet Services
  45. Kleenchem Adhesives
  46. Labchem Ltd
  47. Laser Chemicals International
  48. Lizsol Chem Company
  49. Lotommy Ltd
  50. Lubanchem Ltd
  51. Lynntech Chemicals & Equipment Ltd
  52. Manuchar (K) Ltd
  53. Marco Services & Supplies
  54. Metoxide Africa Ltd
  55. Millenium Chemicals Ltd
  56. Moden Plus (K) Ltd
  57. Nairobi Ironmongers
  58. Nas Petro-Chem Ltd
  59. Pan African Petroleum
  60. Panafrican Business Enterprises Ltd Petroleum Description
  61. Pantel Chemicals Ltd
  62. Petrovlis Holland
  63. Polarize Enerprises Ltd
  64. Precise Lab & Allied Supplies
  65. Priyann Enterprises Ltd
  66. Rajchem Polymers Ltd
  67. Ramco Chemicals
  68. Revochem Africal Ltd
  69. Sai Chemicals Ltd
  70. Saichem Ltd
  71. Saifee Chemicals Ltd
  72. Saifee Chemicals Ltd
  73. Sciencescope Ltd
  74. Spectra Chemicals
  75. Stevans Chemical Supplies
  76. Supersleek Ltd
  77. Thika Wax Workers Ltd
  78. Timco Chemical Industries Ltd
  79. Tri-pac Chemical Industries Ltd
  80. Tripac Limited
  81. Twiga Chemical Industries Ltd
  82. Twiga Chemical Industries Ltd
  83. Twiga Chemical Industries Ltd – Factory Branch
  84. Twiga Chemical Industries Ltd – Head Offfice Branch
  85. Twiga Chemical Industries Ltd – ustomer Care Branch
  86. Uchumi Chemicals Ltd
  87. Ultra Chemical Industries Ltd
  88. Unilab Kenya Ltd
  89. Zami Chemicals Ltd

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