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Bookshops in Kenya

Bookshops in Kenya

Bookshops in Kenya business can be quite profitable especially on school opening season of January and February. Some bookshops claim that they make almost 50% more during this time.They target to make most of your profits for the year on these dates.

Bookshops in Kenya – Capital

Bookshop business is simple to start although may need a higher amount of capital to fully stock.

Top 5 bookshops in Nairobi

  1. The Bookstop
  2. Chania Bookshop
  3. Text Book Centre Sarit Centre
  4. The Souk
  5. E Kitabu

Bookshops in Kenya – Street Books

Some of the street book vendors surveyed claimed to sell about 10 text books and 15 novels each day. Small and medium bookshops sell minimum of 35 books per day on average. Margins of 15% and 35% are recorded if you purchase your stock in bulk directly from publishers.


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Bookshops in Kenya
Bookshops in Kenya

Bookshops in Kenya

A comprehensive list of all bookshops in Kenya, their addresses (postal and physical), contacts (telephone and e-mail) and a link to the bookshop website.

List of Bookshops in Kenya

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