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Counselling Services in Kenya – Marriage Counsellors in Kenya

Counselling Services in Kenya

Counselling Services in Kenya companies have been working on programmes targeting persons with disabilities for close to 20 years. Specifically this has included training programmes for persons with various disabilities, physical, hearing, visual, mentally challenged etc. Training programmes in sign language, basic and interpreter levels. Awareness creation and sensitization programmes to the general population on the issues pertaining to persons with disabilities.

Counselling Services in Kenya – Relationship Help

Counselling Services in Kenya organizations offers you expert relationship help and love relationship advice for men, women, and married partners with family problems and issues regarding husband or wife: cheating, infidelity, trust, lying, respect, anger, management, communication, conflict, power struggles, abuse, jealousy, betrayal, love and friendship, romance, sex, intimacy, how to relate to your spouse who had an affair, how to relate to your spouse after you had an affair, money and budget issues, family and children, parenting, in-laws, addiction, substance abuse, separation, divorce, answers to hard questions, loneliness, stress, crisis, grief, fear, anxiety, feeling burnt-out, hurting, discouraged, depression, healing, a broken heart, how to move on after a breakup, starting over, help when you are in an Emergency situation and so much more.

Counselling Services in Kenya

Counselling Services in Kenya

Counselling Services in Kenya

A comprehensive list of all Counselling Services in Kenya, their addresses (postal and physical), contacts (telephone and e-mail) and a link to the counselling services and marriage counsellors in Kenya websites.

List of Counselling Services and Marriage Counsellors in Kenya

  1. Africa Institute Of Professional Counseling
  2. Agrowing International Counseling Services
  3. Amani Counselling Centre & Training Institute
  4. Amani Counselling Centre & Training Institute
  5. Blossom-out Consultant
  6. Crisis Pregnancy Ministries Kenya
  7. East African Institute of Professional Counselling
  8. EPC-Consultants
  9. Family Life Counselling Association of Kenyas
  10. Gem Counselling Services
  11. Harmony Psychologial Counselling Services
  12. Hearts Of Gold Counselling Services
  13. Jifahamu (K) Foundation
  14. Kenya Association of Professional Counsellors
  15. Kenya Institute of Professional Counselling
  16. Lifespan Mark Counselling Services
  17. Lifespring Counselling & Training Centre
  18. Msingi Counselling Centre
  19. Nesma Counselling & Psychotherapy Centre
  20. Oasis Africa Counseling Centre & Training Institute
  21. Princeton Counselling Centre
  22. Psychological Health Services
  23. Ray Of Hope Counselling Services
  24. Regional Counselling & Psychological
  25. Serene Counselling Services
  26. St Jude Counselling & Training Institute
  27. St. Michaels Counselling Services
  28. Stanhope Centre
  29. Thika Partners
  30. Touch Of Health
  31. Voluntary Councellors Kenya
  32. Workplace Wellness Services

Counselling Services in Kenya – Video