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Gems and Gemstones in Kenya

Gemstones in Kenya

Three of the four priciest gems in the world have been found in Kenya. In a prospect that places mining sector ahead of tourism, tea and coffee combined, mineral dealers say Gemstones in Kenya has emeralds, sapphire and ruby.

Gemstones in Kenya – Occurrence

Gemstone in Kenya occurs in different geological settings. However, although some gemstone deposits are associated with Tertiary volcanic rocks such as the Turkana sapphire deposit, most of them are located within the Pan African Mozambique Orogenic Belt.

Kenya is famous for Tsavorite Garnet, other glorious gems are also found like Amethyst, Aquamarine, Iolite, Ruby and Sapphire.

Ruby and pink sapphire has been mined in Kenya for many years and it was recently discovered in Rift Valley near the town of Baringo.These are said to be of a higher grade than those being mined in the Tsavo National Park, which are often cut into gem beads or cabochon cut.

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Gemstones in Kenya – Categories

Gemstones in Kenya are highly variegated, and can be classified into four categories:

  • Magmatic deposits include apatite, feldspar, tourmaline and/or beryl bearing pegmatites, and sapphire bearing monzonitic pegmatoids.
  • Metamorphic deposits are the result of isochemical or sub-isochemical metamorphism, they include a wide range of deposits of gemstones such as kornerupine, moonstone, tourmaline, garnet, ruby and sapphire.
  • Metasomatic deposits are very common in the Mozambique Belt and usually produce gemstones of high quality. They are the result of interactions between various lithologies and fluids under metamorphic conditions.
  • Metasomatic deposits include some tourmaline ruby and sapphire deposits as well as most iolite and rhodolite deposits.
  • Last, hydrothermal deposits include tanzanite and amethyst deposits.”


Gemstones in Kenya

Gemstones in Kenya

Gemstones in Kenya

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List of Gems in Kenya Companies


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