Speed Governors in Kenya

Speed governor or speed limiter is a device used to measure and regulate the speed of a machine such as an engine. Advanced Speed Limiter which is most effective for vehicles with electronic engines and accelerator pedal. There is zero impact on vehicle with zero-moving parts and is Tamper-proof. 

Speed Governors in Kenya Companies specializes in the Sales and Service of speed Governors and has been among the industry leaders in all types of control equipment. Their mission is to develop and deploy innovative solutions to assist fleet-dependent companies to reduce their fleet operating costs and equipment downtime by maintaining a highly trained, motivated and competent technical team, as well as stocking adequate spares for after-sales service.

Speed Governors  – Companies invest

These Companies continue to re-invest into the development of innovative technologies and provide first- class customer support Services. In addition they have a flexible and highly trained team of technicians who are readily available to carry out installation, service and repairs at your premises if the size of your fleet demands it.

Speed Governors – Commercial Vehicles

Speed governors on commercial vehicles of 3.5 tonne and above, could help in reducing 20-25% road accident related deaths in Kenya

Speed Governors in Kenya
Speed Governors in Kenya

 List of companies that deal with speed governors in Kenya

    Speed Governors in Kenya – Video

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