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Foundations in Kenya

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Foundations in Kenya

Foundations in Kenya promote sustainable development of communities for social justice, through institution building, partnerships, resource development and policy influencing, that there is need to empower women and youth for future prosperity.

Foundations Civic Engagement and Government

At the regional, national and local levels, foundations  support efforts to make civil society organizations stronger and more effective partners with government. They also support efforts to ensure that all people, especially historically disadvantaged populations, can participate in political processes.

Foundations Work

Foundation’s work  has focused on addressing critical issues surrounding poverty and economic instability. Over the years, the support has led to the development of vaccines for deadly diseases, increased the accessibility of higher education, established more resilient and effective health systems and supported smallholder farmers through more resilient farming practices.

Foundations in Kenya

Foundations in Kenya

Foundations in Kenya

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A comprehensive list of all foundations in Kenya, their addresses (postal and physical), contacts (telephone and e-mail) and a link to the foundations in Kenya websites.

List of Foundations in Kenya

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