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Hides and Skins in Kenya

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Hides and Skins in Kenya

The hides, skins and leather industry is one of the key agricultural sub-sectors in Kenya and has a high potential towards commodity development that addresses pertinent issues of socio economic importance and positively impacts on rural development, creation of wealth and employment hence the need to protect all businesses of Hides and Skins in Kenya.


Hides and Skins in Kenya – Leather goods

The contribution of the sub sector towards achieving economic growth through an expansion of the export market for both semi-processed and finished leather goods is immense and the only way to such success is through embracing value addition initiatives

Hides and Skins in Kenya Photo

Hides and Skins in Kenya Photo

Hides and skins – Phases

The hides and skins trade has gone through phases; witnessing positive impact on the sector. The sector transformed from a purely raw material source to relatively modern industry adopting the changing technology and market trends. The transformation saw the country act as a tanning hub for the region through procurement of hides and skins and supply of leather in both local and regional markets. In addition, it experienced exports of semi- processed leather (wet-blue) to the international markets.

Hides and skins in Kenya – Foreign Investment Condition

The Exports Processing Zone (EPZ) Authority, established in the 1990 to provide attractive investment opportunity for export- oriented business venture; offers a range of attractive incentives to ensure low cost operations, fastest up, smooth operations and high profitability.

Hides and Skins in Kenya

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