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Debt Collectors in Kenya – Debt Collection in Kenya

Debt Collectors in Kenya

Debt Collectors in Kenya are nationwide debt collection agencies specializing in collecting commercial and professional service claims throughout Kenya, East Africa and internationally.

Persuasiveness, persistence and professionalism are the standards collectors and attorneys pride themselves on. They are the secret to their high success rate and unusually high level of client satisfaction.

Debt Collectors in Kenya – Professional Services

These firms offer professional services in debt collection and debt management to enable our clients concentrate on their core business. Our specialization is in collection of commercial and consumer debts in Kenya and beyond.

Debt Collectors in Kenya
Debt Collectors in Kenya

Debt Collection in Kenya

A comprehensive list of all debt collectors in Kenya, their addresses (postal and physical), contacts (telephone and e-mail) and a link to the debt collection in Kenya company websites.

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List of Debt Collectors in Kenya

  1. All Season Business Services
  2. Amattan Management Services Ltd
  3. Blueribbons Holdings Ltd
  4. Broad Eyes Services
  5. Bullstar Development Co
  6. Cheri Kenya Ltd
  7. Collection Africa Ltd
  8. Collection Agency EA
  9. Credit Check Services
  10. Cyka Limited
  11. Cyka Ltd
  12. Davepet Debt Recovery Services Ltd
  13. Debt Options
  14. Denmon General Services
  15. Dynasty Credit Management Ltd
  16. E-Bill Systems Ltd
  17. Excel Credit Management Solutions
  18. Finedatta Africa Ltd
  19. Gilchery Skip-Trace Ltd
  20. Immediate Auctioneers
  21. Investic Services (K) Ltd
  22. Isle Services
  23. Jim Step Builders Ltd
  24. Kansam Agencies Logistics
  25. Kansam Agencies Logistics
  26. Keny Holdings Ltd
  27. Masasini Agencies
  28. Njoroge Civil Debt Collectors Co. Ltd
  29. Nyatieko Investments
  30. Optimal Credit Services Ltd
  31. Paybill Services Ltd
  32. Phemican Recovery Services
  33. Private Eye (Kenya) Ltd
  34. Quids Enterpises Ltd
  35. Reclaim Management Services Ltd
  36. Reclaim Management Services Ltd
  37. Skywave Management Services Ltd
  38. Speedmark Management Services
  39. Superman Ltd
  40. Swipe Recoveries Experts Ltd
  41. Swipe Recoveries Experts Ltd
  42. Time Truck International Ltd
  43. Tropical Retrievers
  44. Tutch Agencies
  45. Vanguard Management Ltd
  46. Wanji Ltd

Debt Collectors in Kenya – Video


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