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Tents in Kenya – Tents For Sale in Kenya

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Tents in Kenya

Tents are hired for different types of events management services such as;government functions, diplomatic receptions, cooperative functions and trainings, wedding receptions and catering, birthday parties among others.

Tents in Kenya – Tent Manufacturers

Being the top most camping tent manufacturer in Kenya, Tents in Kenya team have been dedicating their efforts and enduring to produce world class camping tents to fulfill your outdoor needs. Our quality is being acknowledged by our national and international customers alike. This is the only ability that makes us unique among the legacy Camping tent manufacturers all the way from bottom to top. These camping tents, designed under the supervision of experts, are credited for their dimensional accuracy and innovative designs.

tents in kenya
tents in kenya

Factors to consider when choosing a tent


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Have to consider the number of people to be accomodated in the tent. For example if its a camping tent its has to be big enough for sleeping comfortably and big enough to store camping gear and accessories.


It’s worth thinking about the material of the tent. While canvas is durable, it’s also very heavy. Nylon is much lighter, but it is designed for calm conditions. Polyester is good for long periods of time in sunny conditions, as the material withstands exposure to sunlight.

Weather conditions

Make sure the tent is suited to the weather for example if its raining make sure its 100% waterproof.


A strong tent will be invaluable against strong winds and other conditions. Strong tent poles, high quality pegs and secured fastenings will help. Choose a tent with double sewn seams for overall durability.

Tents in Kenya – Entertainment events

Every day, week, month and year, Kenyans are partying. Company and religious entertainment events, weddings, birthdays and many other events are taking place everywhere all the time. Hiring out tents and chairs to these events is a good business idea for you if you love events. The idea is very simple, look out for those having these events and rent chairs and tents to them at a fee.

Tents in Kenya

A comprehensive list of all tent makers in Kenya, their addresses (postal and physical), contacts (telephone and e-mail) and a link to the tents in Kenya websites.

List of Tent Makers in Kenya – Tents For Sale in Kenya

  1. A-mazing Tents & Decor
  2. Africana Tents Investment
  3. All Tymes Tents
  4. Ark Tents & Leather Ltd
  5. Ark Tents & Leather Ltd
  6. Best in Tents Ltd
  7. Bona East & Central Africa Ltd
  8. Catherine Wanjiru
  9. Chubbys Occassions
  10. Clearspan Tents & Structures
  11. Crown Tents, Tarpaulins & Carshades Co
  12. Crown Tents, Tarpaulins & Carshades Company
  13. East African Canvas
  14. Eldo Canvas Ltd
  15. Elite Tents
  16. Envogue Tent
  17. Extra Dimensions Co. Ltd
  18. Goldwings Investments Ltd
  19. Goldwings Investments Ltd
  20. Happening Ventures Ltd
  21. Heinz Party Services Ltd
  22. Infinite Planners Ltd
  23. Kenya Canvas Ltd
  24. Kenya Events Managers Ltd
  25. Kenya Tents Ltd
  26. Kenya Tents Ltd
  27. Kitendo Enterprises
  28. Linens And Decor Ltd
  29. Milele Tents
  30. Mukawa Tents
  31. Nomadic Tents
  32. Oasis Supplies Agencies Ltd
  33. Outdoor Occasions
  34. Outdoor Occasions
  35. Prisant Party World
  36. Rafiki Tents And Caterers
  37. Rhino Leisure & Safari
  38. Shade Sail
  39. Shade Systems (E.A) Ltd
  40. Shakers Engineering & Calibration Ltd
  41. Siander Enterprises Ltd
  42. Spring Functions
  43. Sunflower Tents Ltd
  44. Sunshine Occasions Ltd
  45. Tarpo Industries Ltd
  46. Tarpo Industries Ltd
  47. Tent Masters
  48. Tent Shapers
  49. Tent Shapers
  50. Tentage Accessories & Supplies
  51. Tentage Accessories & Supplies
  52. Texpro Ltd (Watu Wa Hema)
  53. Tuanett Ltd
  54. Unique Tents (K) Ltd
  55. Victors Sports Camps
  56. Wananchi Canvas & Tents Co Ltd
  57. Wanderjoy Party World Ltd

Tents in Kenya – Video

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