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EPZ Kenya – Export Processing Zone Companies in Kenya

EPZ Kenya

EPZ Kenya has adopted cluster development as part of regional and national competitiveness strategies with plans underway to develop industry cluster in strategic locations across the country. Investors can take advantage on existing arrangements with attractive incentives and simple investment procedures.

EPZ Kenya – Licensing Authority for EPZs

EPZs are licensed by the Ministry of Trade in the different Partner States.

EPZ Kenya-EPZ Competition

EPZ Kenya has now overtaken Lesotho to emerge as the largest textile exporter to the US under the Africa Growth and Opportunity Act (AGOA) preferential trade agreement.



EPZ Kenya-EPZ Procedure

EPZ Kenya-EPZ Procedures followed when moving goods from one EPZ to another include;

>Enter the goods to be moved from one EPZ to another EPZ using Form C17

>Execute a bond for the movement of goods from one EPZ to another EPZ using Form CB4

>Obtain a certified/endorsed copy of Form C17 from the officer at the receiving EPZ for the purposes of bond cancellation

Exiting Articles

>If the movement of goods is within the EPZ, the person in charge of an enterprise shall inform the proper officer of such movements of goods.

>Execute a Security bond using Form CB4


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EPZ Kenya – EPZ Companies in Kenya

A comprehensive list of all export processing zone – EPZ companies in Kenya, their addresses (postal and physical), contacts (telephone and e-mail) and a link to the EPZ Kenya websites.

List of Export Processing Zone Companies in Kenya

  1. Aclara Industries EPZ (K) Ltd
  2. All Fruit Epz Ltd
  3. Alltex EPZ Ltd
  4. Alltex EPZ Ltd
  5. Ashton Apparel (EPZ) Ltd
  6. Ashton Apparel (EPZ) Ltd
  7. Avo ? Health (EPZ) Ltd
  8. Equitea Export Processing Zone Co Ltd
  9. Global Area & Com Ltd
  10. Metal Refinery EPZ Ltd
  11. Mombasa Apparel (EPZ) Ltd
  12. Mombasa Apparel (EPZ) Ltd
  13. New Wide Garments (K) Epz Ltd
  14. New Wide Garments (K) EPZ Ltd
  15. Newland Epz Co Ltd
  16. Nodor Kenya EPZ Ltd
  17. Nutro Manufacturing (EPZ) Ltd
  18. Olivado Kenya (EPZ) Ltd
  19. Protex Kenya EPZ Ltd
  20. Protex Kenya EPZ Ltd
  21. Red Dot Distribution EPZ Ltd
  22. Upan Wasana (EPZ) Ltd
  23. Wild Life Works Epz Ltd
  24. YKK Kenya EPZ Ltd