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Examination Bodies in Kenya

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Examination Bodies in Kenya

The Examination Bodies in Kenya are organizations that sets examinations and are responsible for marking them and distributing results. They are legally mandated to work with and assist foreign boards to administer their examinations in Kenya through the Act Cap. 225A.

Mandate of Examination Bodies in Kenya

The mandate of Examination Bodies is the development of syllabuses, conduct of professional, diploma and technician examinations and certification of candidates in finance, accountancy, governance, management, information technology among other related disciplines.Also the promotion of its qualifications nationally and internationally and the accreditation of relevant training institutions

Examination Bodies in Kenya Photo

Examination Bodies in Kenya Photo

Examination Syllabus

The Examination Bodies are now taking new measures to ensure that the Syllabus is equiped with other similar training bodies in other parts of the world.

Professional Examinations

There are various professional Examination Bodies which are administer  different exam within Kenya. The courses offered by these Examination bodies in Kenya transforms one to the ladder of being a profession and  qualified persons in Kenya who can acquire jobs within Kenya and the outside world.

List of Examination Bodies

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