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Washing Machines in Kenya

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Washing Machines in Kenya

Kenyan middle class, brands have noted the same and are responding to new needs to serve this growing market. Washing Machines in Kenya companies which have been more known in the Kenyan market for their range of products are now seeking to improve the home experience by unveiling the dual wash washing machine – a first of its kind with a built in sink. They designs their home appliances, taking into consideration the consumers’ needs and aspirations

Washing Machines in Kenya – The Features

The dualwash washing machine, dubbed the comfort machine, comes with a built-in sink that will enable a consumer to pre-treat heavy soiled clothes and hand wash delicate items, all in one convenient place. The built- in sink puts an end to the repetitive bending, crouching and leaning that comes with the hand washing experience. This drastically reduces the pressure on the lower back muscles by 43 per cent thus making the appliance gentle on the back and kind on clothes.

Washing Machines in Kenya Photo

Washing Machines in Kenya Photo

Washing Machines in Kenya – Magic Dispensers

The machines have magic dispensers that lets one wash without worrying about residual detergent on clothes, ensuring that the detergent evenly dissolves and disperses before the wash cycle commences.The middle class is greatly driven by a desire to achieve efficiency through purchase of gadgets and home appliances.


Washing Machines

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