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Cinemas in Kenya

Cinemas in Kenya

Cinema in Kenya refers to the film industry of Kenya. Since 2000 feature films on DV technology production have increased in the country. They include Dangerous Affair, Project Daddy,  Money & the Cross by Njeri Karago, Babu’s Babies by Christine Bala, Naliaka is Going by Albert Wandago, The Price of a Daughter, Behind Closed Doors by Jane Murago-Munene and many more. 

Types of Cinema Theatre


This type of theatre shows first run films, which are the latest films released. They have stadium-style seating so that everyone can see the screen easily.


Exciting Articles

Most IMAX films are documentaries, which take viewers on journeys to places beyond the reach of most people, such as outer space and the deep sea.

Cinemas in Kenya – Cinemas Growing Demand

The Cinemas in Kenya have evolved such that growing middle class enjoy new multiplexes and on-demand viewing at home (though slow internet connections remain a barrier), many audiences must still rely on improvisation, innovation and ingenuity to beat poverty and power cuts.

Cinemas in Kenya – 7D Cinemas

Kenyan kids can enjoy a breathtaking live Cinema in Kenya experience at the 7D cinema movie theatres, the first of its kind in East Africa. Some of the 7D cinema experience movie goers get to enjoy include special effects such as water, blowing wind, fragrance among many others. 7D theatres use interactive seats that move about and special effects that are built into the theater itself to create a live cinema experience.

cinemas in kenya

cinemas in kenya

List of Cinemas in Kenya

  1. Century Cinemax – Junction Branch
  2. Cinematic Solutions Ltd
  3. Empire Movie Store
  4. Fanaka Arts Theatre
  5. Fox Capital
  6. Imax Kenya
  7. Imax Kenya – FOX CINEPLEX SARIT CENTRE Branch
  8. Imax Kenya – Fox Drive Inn Branch
  9. Imax Kenya – Kenya Cinema Branch
  10. Jicho Four Productions
  11. Kenya Cultural Centre
  12. Majestic Theatre Co Ltd
  13. Millenium Cinemas Ltd
  14. Nairobi Cinema (Movies 4 You Ltd)
  15. Phoenix Players Ltd
  16. Showbiz Africa Ltd
  17. Silverbird Kenya Ltd
  18. Silverbird Kenya Ltd – Village Mkt Branch
  19. Starflix Theaters – Prestige Plaza Branch
  20. Starflix Theaters – Village Market Branch
  21. The Friends Ensemble
  22. The Little Theatre Club
  23. Tivoli Centre

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