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Colleges in Kenya – Best Registered Colleges in Kenya

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Colleges in Kenya

Even though many of us may never admit it, we join college to get the dream job or simply enhance our employability. A recruiter will attach a certain value to you based on your academic qualifications. And different colleges in Kenya are known for having a certain reputation that may affect their graduates in a positive or negative manner when they get into the job market.

Choosing the best colleges in Kenya by employability

So if you are yet to choose a college in Kenya, make sure you compare their track records and know what recruiters think of graduates from certain institutions. If the institution has a bad reputation, it may be difficult to acquire a job after graduating.

Accredited Colleges in Kenya – Registered Colleges in Kenya

If the school is not accredited for that course/programme, do not even think twice. Your qualification may be rendered useless once you graduate and you may have to take supplementary courses in order to get a job anywhere.

What to Consider when Choosing Colleges in Kenya

Here are a number of factors to consider when comparing colleges or universities in Kenya based on employment rate.

Colleges in Kenya – Check The College Statistics

Some Kenyan colleges will actually publish statistics on their employment rate for prospective students to see. You can get this information from the institution or simply by visiting their website. They may not give an employment rate for each programme, but an overall figure will also do.

If you can be able to check the proportion of graduates from a particular school that are in full employment, then this information should help you to make a wise decision on where to study.

Colleges in Kenya – College Reputation

Sometimes you may not get any figures on employability rates of Colleges in Kenya. But there’s always the reputation that an institution is well known for. Surprisingly, some of the opinions people have, regarding students of certain colleges in the region, will find their way into the recruiter’s offices.

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During your job search, you are likely to come across recruiters with a certain opinion of a candidate even before they present their academic and personal qualifications that make them fit for a job. This is why it’s very important to do your own social research about a college before making an application.

If you attend an institution that is known to produce sharp students in a certain field of study, your employability will certainly increase. So be very keen and listen to other people’s opinion prior to submitting your application.

Colleges in Kenya – Internships and Work Experience

There are so many ways to increase your employability and one of the most effective ones is by adding internships and work experience to your CV. Employers will certainly find value in you if you have shown that you can work in other environments even before graduating. Most universities or colleges in Kenya will give their students enough time to gain professional experience before they graduate. Do not waste this precious time going for holidays. Make sure you look for a position in a company where you will acquire useful skills to make you more employable.

Colleges in Kenya

Colleges in Kenya

Choosing the Best Colleges in Kenya Based on Employability is simply not enough. Skills acquired will come a long way in your entry to the job market and throughout your career life. While many employers would always allow recruits at entry level to acquire vital skills while on the job, others would recruit based on experience.

Some Kenyan colleges are known to nurture their students to ensure that they are always ready to face the job market. For this reason, most employers would prefer students from these institutions as they are already groomed. It is also in the best interest of the student to acquire these vital skills while still at college. Therefore when making a choice, ensure you choose the best colleges in Kenya that goes a step further to groom students for the job market.

Public Colleges in Kenya

Public colleges in Kenya are tertiary institutions of learning that are funded by the government of Kenya. Public colleges in Kenya offer certificate, diploma, higher diploma and in some instances, degree courses.
The courses range in time frame from short courses of 1 week to 3 and 4 yrs programmes. Some of the Public colleges in Kenya have different campuses and are large enough to be dividend into different schools while others are specialty colleges offering only a particular course or field.

List of Public colleges in Kenya

  1. Bukura Agricultural College
  2. Bumbe Technical Training Institute
  3. Co-operative College of Kenya
  4. Coast Institute of Technology
  5. Dairy Trainging Institute
  6. East African School of Aviation
  7. Eldoret Medical Training College
  8. Eldoret Polytechnic
  9. Embu Medical Training College
  10. Embu Technical Training Institute
  11. Friends College Kaimosi
  12. Garissa Medical Training Centre
  13. Gusii Institute of Technology
  14. Homa Bay Medical Training Centre
  15. Kabarnet Medical Training Centre
  16. Kabete Technical Training Institute
  17. Kaiboi Technical Training I
  18. Kakamega Medical Training Centre
  19. Kenya Textile Training Institute
  20. Kenya Forestry College
  21. Kenya Industrial Research & Development Institute
  22. Kenya Industrial Training Institute
  23. Kenya Institute of Business Training
  24. Kenya Institute of Highways & Building Technology
  25. Kenya Institute of Mass Communication
  26. Kenya Institute of Special Education
  27. Kenya Institute of Surveying & Mapping
  28. Kenya Medical Training Centre, Nairobi
  29. Kenya Medical Training College – Nakuru
  30. Kenya School of Law
  31. Kenya Utalii College
  32. Kenya Water Institute (KEWI)
  33. Kiambu Institute of Technology
  34. Kilifi Institute of Agriculture
  35. Kimathii University College of Technology
  36. Kisii Medical Training Centre
  37. Kisumu Industrial Training Centre
  38. Kisumu Polytechnic
  39. Kitale Technical Training Institute
  40. Machakos Medical Training Centre
  41. Machakos Technical Training Institute
  42. Masai Technical Training Institute
  43. Mawego Technical Training Institute
  44. Meru Medical Training Centre
  45. Meru Technical Training Institute
  46. Michuki Technical Training Institute
  47. Ministry of livestock and fihseries College – Ahiti Ndomba
  48. Ministry of livestock and fihseries College – Ahiti Nyahururu
  49. Ministry of livestock and fihseries College – Ahiti, Kabete
  50. Moi Institute of Technology
  51. Mombasa Industrial Training College
  52. Mombasa Medical Training Centre
  53. Mombasa Technical Training Institute
  54. Murang’a College of Technology
  55. Murang’a Medical Training Centre
  56. N.E.P Technical Training Institute
  57. Nairobi Technical Training Institute
  58. Nakuru Medical Training Centre
  59. National Industrial Vocational Training Centre
  60. National Youth Service/ Institute of Business Studies
  61. Nkabune Technical Training Institute
  62. Nyandarua Institute ofScience & Technology
  63. Nyeri Medical Training Centre
  64. Nyeri Technical Training Institute
  65. Ol’lessos Technical Training Institute
  66. P.C Kinyaninyanjui Technical Training Institute
  67. Pumwani Maternity Hospital
  68. Railway Training Institute
  69. Ramogi Institute of Advanced Technology
  70. Rift Valley Institute of Science & Technology
  71. Rift Valley Technical Training Institute, Eldoret
  72. Rwika Institute of Technology
  73. Sang’alo Institute of Science & Technology
  74. Siaya Institute of Technology
  75. Sigalagala Technical Training Institute
  76. The Kenya Power & Lighting Co. Training School
  77. Thika Medical Training Centre
  78. Thika Technical Training Institute

Best, Top Colleges in Kenya

Here is a comprehensive list of Colleges in Kenya their addresses (postal and physical), contacts (telephone and e-mail) and a link to the schools website.

List of Colleges in Kenya

  1. Accounting Colleges in Kenya – CPA Colleges in Kenya
  2. Agricultural Colleges in Kenya
  3. Applied Sciences Colleges in Kenya
  4. Aviation Schools in Kenya – Aviation Colleges in Kenya
  5. Beauty Colleges in Kenya – Beauty Schools in Kenya
  6. Best Driving Schools in Kenya
  7. Best Law Schools in Kenya
  8. Bible Colleges in Kenya – Theological Schools in Kenya
  9. Business Management and Administration Colleges in Kenya
  10. Business Schools in Kenya, Business Colleges in Kenya
  11. Catering Colleges in Kenya – Catering Schools in Kenya
  12. Computer Colleges in Kenya – IT Colleges in Kenya
  13. Counselling Colleges in Kenya
  14. Education Colleges in Kenya
  15. Engineering Colleges in Kenya – Engineering Schools in Kenya
  16. Fashion and Design Schools and Colleges in Kenya
  17. Hospitality Colleges in Kenya
  18. Language Schools in Kenya – Language Colleges in Kenya
  19. Media Schools in Kenya – Journalism Colleges in Kenya
  20. Medical Schools In Kenya – Medical Colleges in Kenya
  21. Music Schools in Kenya – Music Colleges in Kenya
  22. Nursing Schools in Kenya – Nursing Colleges in Kenya
  23. Polytechnics in Kenya
  24. Secretarial Colleges in Kenya
  25. Social Work and Community Development Colleges in Kenya
  26. Supplies and Logistics Colleges in Kenya
  27. Teachers Training Colleges in Kenya
  28. Technical Colleges in Kenya – Technical Training Institutes in Kenya
  29. Vocational Schools and Training Centres in Kenya

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