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 Vihiga County Overview

Vihiga County is Located in the Western Region of Kenya. Its headquarters is in Mbale town. It boarders Nandi County to the East, Kisumu County to the South, Siaya County to the West and Kakamega County to the North. It is one of the four Counties in the former Western Province. Vihiga County has five Constituencies; Luanda, Emuhaya, Hamisi, Sabatia and Vihiga.

Vihiga County Population

The County’s population stands at 612,000. With an annual population growth rate of 2.51%, the population is projected to be 688,778 by the year 2017. It has an annual fertility rate of 5.1% which explains the high population rise. However, the age distribution is given as 0-14 years (45%), 15-64 years (49%), 65 years and above (6%) with the youth representing 25% of the population.

People of Vihiga County

Vihiga has 4 Major Sub tribes namely; Maragoli people, Banyore People, Tiriki People and the Terik People

Just like all other Bantu and luhya people in particular, the Banyore migrated from the Congo Basin in the 17th and 18th Centuries. They settled in the land which resonates with their name –Bunyore land. They are neighboured by the idakho people at kilingili, the abakisa to the west, Maragoli to the East and the Luo to the south.

Today they live in two sub-counties and constituencies namely Emuhaya and Luanda. They occupy the western part of Vihiga County.They have over 20 clans and occupy two sub-counties of Emuhaya and Luanda. A good number of Abanyole live in the diaspora and quite a number have settled in lugari settlement scheme.

Terik people are an agro-pastoralist indigenous minority community of Kalenjin group resident in what remains of their ancestral lands in Vihiga, Kisumu and Nandi Counties of Kenya.

This community has for far too long, been a silent victim of the “violence of neglect” resulting from historical injustices.

These injustices have violated their fundamental Human Rights and marginalized them to periphery of society from where they eke a drab and precarious existence. Therefore, without that concentrate of past experience which we find in history, without a proper understanding of their past, Terik people would still continue to be at the mercy of impulse and prejudice, lacking in balance and moral probity.

Urbanization in Vihiga County

The County urbanization rate is 31% with the Major Towns being; Luanda, Maseno, Chavakali, Mudete, Malengo, Mbale, Serem, Jeptulu, Jebrock and Kilingili. The poverty level is 62% with a dependency ratio of 100:90. The major activities for the people fall within the Agriculture department with 87.2% of the households engaging in crop farming.

Natural Resources in Vihiga County

The major resources for the County are; Forests, Rocks, Gold Mines, Rivers and the high precipitation experienced for most part of the year. The Rural household access to piped water is 3.2%, with the same for access to electricity being 5.3%. The urban House hold access to electricity is 10.8% with access to piped water standing at 7.2%. The financial institutions that are located in the urban areas are 7 with the same number representing the number of Micro-Credit institutions. The major Economic Activities that drive Vihiga Economy are; Cottage Industries, Subsistence Farming, Tea Farming, Horticulture, Livestock Farming, Wholesale and Retail Trade, Quarrying and Mining. So far, contributions from the diaspora have not been captured to reflect external economy assistance.

Social Amenities in Vihiga County

The Judicial System is supported by two Courts (one in Vihiga and another in Hamisi) with one prison facility in Vihiga. The County has 754 ECD Schools, 392 Primary Schools, 115 Secondary Schools, 107 Adult Literacy Classes and 5 constituent Universities. The County has 5 Public Hospitals[1], 16 Health centers and 35 Dispensaries. Doctor to Population ratio is 1: 34,000, infant mortality rate at 46/1,000, Maternal Mortality rates of 330/100,000, with Under Five Mortality rates of 121/1,000. Prevalent diseases include; Malaria, Upper Respiratory Transmitted Infections, Diarrrhea, HI/AIDS and related diseases.

The Short-Term Budget Strategy Paper (STBSP) is meant to guide the Fiscal Policy for FY 2013/14. It draws its advice from the County Government’s Vision: To create a free, secure, just and prosperous County with a strong and highly skilled Human Resource that will spur industrial growth for economic empowerment. This is strengthened by the Mission statement: To enhance productivity and empowerment in order to achieve Self-sustenance and respect for the people of Vihiga County.

Economic Activities in Vihiga County

The Economic Activities for the people of Vihiga include:-

  • Subsistence Farming
  • Livestock raring
  • Cottage Industry
  • Tea Production

Tourist Attractions in Vihiga County

Exciting Articles

As a rural County, Vihiga has great geographical & natural diversity such as:

  • Kaimosi Forest
  • Mungoma Caves
  • Maragoli Hills
  • ‘Jesus footprint’

Accommodation and Hotels

Some of the accommodation facilities in the county of Vihiga include Sosa Cottages Hotel, Mago Guest House, Forest Rest House, The Great Lakes Hotel.

Constituencies in Vihiga County

  1. Sabatia Constituency
  2. Hamisi Constituency
  3. Emuhaya Constituency
  4. Luanda Constituency
  5. Vihiga Constituency

Vihiga County Jobs

Vihiga County Jobs opportunities for all qualified personnel and those who would wish to work with Vihiga County  government.  Jobs in Vihiga County are posted on the county website.

Vihiga County Jobs are awarded in a free, fair and transparency manner in the need to fight corruption in the country.

To access Jobs in Vihiga County click this link  and you will get the latest job opportunities in the county.

Vihiga County Jobs - Jobs in Vihiga County

Vihiga County Jobs – Jobs in Vihiga County





Vihiga County Tenders

Vihiga County tenders are awarded in a free, fair and transparency manner in the need to fight corruption in the country.

To access tenders in Vihiga County click the link: for the latest job opportunities in the county.

Vihiga County Map

Vihiga County Map

Vihiga County Map

Vihiga County Contacts

Vihiga County Government
Postal Address: P. O. Box 344 – 50300
Town: Mbale Town, Vihiga County- Kenya
Phone: +254

Vihiga County Website

Vihiga County Video