Security Companies in Kenya

Maintaining a loyal client base within, Security Companies in Kenya protect corporate office buildings, industrial and manufacturing plants, warehouses, retail shopping centers, residential gated communities, hospitals, as well as private individuals. Their officers are trained to be prepared to handle any situation and their approved status brings clients complete confidence in the services they provide.

Security Companies in Kenya – Services

Security Companies in Kenya are passionate about building close, long-term relationships with all our customers whether you are employing our services for a year or a month. They provide quality, cost-effective protection for your people, products and property 24/7

Top Best Security Companies in Kenya

1. Wells Fargo Limited

Category: Security Companies in Kenya

Wells Fargo Ltd was incorporated in 1977 initially providing dedicated, specialist professional security services to the banking sector and other financial institutions in Nairobi city and environs.

For more information please visit: Wells Fargo Ltd

2. Bob Morgan Security Ltd

Category: Security Companies in Kenya

Bob Morgan Security Ltd is a leading Private Security Services provider giving integrated security solutions across Kenya. The Company is located in Polo Cottage – Jamuhuri Road, off Ngong Road, Nairobi.

For more information please visit: Bob Morgan Security Ltd

3. Ultimate Security Ltd

Category: Security Companies in Kenya

Ultimate Security Ltd is a group of companies which has operated for many years in Kenya, Tanzania, and Uganda, offering a wide range of security services, including the traditional static guard or “askari”, through to any level of sophisticated modern electronic alarm system, to suit any client’s needs.

For more information please visit: Ultimate Security Ltd

4. G4S Security Services Kenya Limited

Category: Security Companies in Kenya

G4S Kenya Contacts: G4S is the leading global integrated security company specializing in the provision of security products, services and solutions.

The group is active in more than 120 countries, and is the largest employer quoted on the London Stock Exchange with more than 618,000 employees and has a secondary stock exchange listing in Copenhagen.

For more information please visit: G4S Kenya Contacts:

5. KK Security Services Kenya

Category: Security Companies in Kenya

KK Security Services Kenya is an international private security company and a market leader in the provision of integrated security solutions in East and Central Africa region. KK Security was established in Kenya over thirty years ago as a protective security services provider. KK Security operates and has offices in Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda, Burundi, Sudan and Democratic Republic of Congo, with a structured portfolio of complementary business-to-business services targeted to provide excellent.

For more information please visit: KK Security Services Kenya

6. Magnum Allied Systems Ltd

Category: Security Companies in Kenya

Magnum Allied Systems  Ltd is a leading provider of burglar alarms, CCTV systems, access control, door entry systems and fire alarms for home and business security in Kenya. Our state of the art home security systems include intrusion alarm systems, wireless house alarms, security cameras, intercom systems and smoke alarms. We are an approved security installer.

For more information please visit: Magnum Allied Systems  Ltd

7. Pinkerton’s Kenya Limited

Category: Security Companies in Kenya

Pinkerton’s Kenya Limited has been a preferred supplier of Security Guarding solutions for over 30 years. We are able to provide our clients with professional services with peace of mind round the clock. Our core strength over the years has been our ability to tailor our services to our clients’ unique environments and needs.

For more information please visit: Pinkerton’s Kenya Limited

8. Riley Services Ltd

Category: Security Companies in Kenya

Riley Services Ltd is one of the largest and well established security companies in Kenya. We have been in the security industry since 1985. We pride ourselves in delivering customer solutions. Our products are custom made and synonymous with quality and value.

For more information please visit: Riley Services Ltd

9. Securex Agencies (K) Ltd

Category: Security Companies in Kenya

Securex Agencies (K) Ltd is a leading security provider in East Africa with its Headquarters in Nairobi and offices in Kampala and Asmara. It is the first company in East Africa to achieve ISO 9001:2000 Quality Management System Certification Established In 1970. SECUREX mission has always been to provide dependable and reliable security services to the domestic and commercial sectors.

For more information please visit: Securex Agencies (K) Ltd

10. Radar Security Limited

Category: Private Security Companies in Kenya

Radar Security Limited was incorporated in December 1997 and commenced operations in January 1998. The offices are situated along Argwings Kodhek Road. The founding members recognized there was a potential untapped surplus market in Nairobi which is, still growing with a large body of unsatisfied customers. The founders with a rich background in private security related services in discussing informally these shortcomings and frustrations an idea was born; RADAR. They were still confident that they have the skills to fill the existing void of personalized and quality services in the security industry by becoming entrepreneurs themselves.

For more information please visit: Radar Security Limited

11. Fidelity Security Services

Category: Private Security Companies in Kenya

Fidelity Security Ltd is one of the leading Professional Security Solutions Provider in the country. We provide high standard security services all over Nairobi and its environs and are known for our high standards of service delivery.

Quality is built into everything we do, so we target a market of security users who appreciate a quality service.

Fidelity Security Ltd holds a diverse portfolio of clients that reads like a “Who’s Who” across all industries. Our service is personal and transparent with information sharing at our clients’ fingertips. We focus on ethical working practices, coupled with inventive recruitment and investment in our staff has culminated in strong trading performance and market recognition.

For more information please visit: Fidelity Security Services

12. Delight Security Services Ltd

Category: Private Security Companies in Kenya

We offer the following services
• Guarding Services
• Investigations
• Security Consultancy

For more information please visit: Delight Security Services Ltd

13. Brinks Security Services Ltd

Category: Private Security Companies in Kenya

Brinks Security Services Ltd is a premier provider of secure logistics and security solutions including cash-in-transit, ATM replenishment and maintenance, international transportation of valuables, cash management and payment services. Our customers include financial institutions, retailers, government agencies (including central banks), mints, jewelers and other commercial operations around the world.

For more information please visit: Brinks Security Services Ltd

14. Nine One One Limited

Category: Security Firms in Kenya

Nine One One Group Limited is an integrated security solutions provider. We have been in operations for close to two decades in the East African region, offering value security solutions to our clients. Over the years the Group has grown to become a market leader in vehicle tracking (Car Track), emergency response services (911 Emergency Response) and guarding services (911 Guarding Services).

For more information please visit: Nine One One Group Limited

 15. Absolute Security Limited ‎

Category: Security Firms in Kenya

Absolute Security Limited provides commercial and residential security all over the region. Our focus is to fill a niche in the security industry where providing complete security solutions to customers is our goal. We do this by:

Commitment to Innovation
We are constantly evaluating the latest technological developments for reliability, quality and performance from local and international market leading manufacturers. Continuous innovation is cultivated through a culture of creativity, ensured by the broad and exceptional talent of the Absolute Security team, resulting in an ongoing flow of exciting new ideas, concepts and solutions. This allows for the creation of the best possible design for every project – whatever the size, type, complexity, sensitivity or location.

For more information please visit: Absolute Security Limited ‎

16. Infama Ltd

Category: Security Firms in Kenya

Infama Ltd is located in Infama Centre, Airport North Rd, off Mombasa Rd, Nairobi. For more information about Infama Ltd see the contacts below;

For more information please visit: Infama Ltd


17. Bedrock Security Services Ltd

Category: Security Firms in Kenya

Security Starts with People… Our Security Officers make the difference, beginning with our initial selection through training and development of a skilled, excellent, and experienced force. All of our security officers and Supervisors must pass a comprehensive pre-employment background check and drug screening before being hired and before being scheduled for an officer and guard assignment.

For more information please visit: Bedrock Security Services Ltd

18. Saladin Kenya Ltd

Category: Security Firms in Kenya

Saladin Kenya Ltd, with its predecessor KMS Ltd, has provided security services since 1975. It was the original company to offer specialist security services in difficult and high risk areas of the world. Early years saw Saladin providing protection for many overseas governments and for the British Foreign & Commonwealth Office. The company worked extensively in Africa and the Middle East, but provided services on all continents, including for nine Heads of State and for many government dignitaries.

For more information please visit: Saladin Kenya Ltd

19. Envag Associates

Category: Security Firms in Kenya

Envag Associates (K) Ltd is a legally registered firm in Kenya offering various products and services based on the need of our clients. The firm draws its multidisciplinary experts from a pool of highly qualified professionals who have trained across the world and Our clients are based in different countries in Africa, Europe, Asia and America.

For more information please visit: Envag Associates (K) Ltd

20. Cobra Security

Category: Security Firms in Kenya

Cobra Security Systems first registered as a limited company in 1978 and over the last 36 years have strived to offer a very high standard of workmanship and equipment. We provide both wired and wire free security systems at an economical price with an inclusive 12 month 24 hour a day Service Contract.

For more information please visit: Cobra Security Systems

Security Companies in Kenya - Security Firms in Kenya
Security Companies in Kenya – Security Firms in Kenya

List of Security Companies in Kenya

Here is a comprehensive list of all Security Companies in Kenya, their addresses (postal and physical), contacts (telephone and e-mail) and a link to the Security Company website.

  1. Abloy Capcom Ltd
  2. Absolute Security Ltd
  3. Access Systems Ltd
  4. Accurex Investigation Bureau & Security Co Ltd
  5. Affiliated Security Services Ltd
  6. African Guards Services
  7. African Human Security Initiative
  8. Afrisafe Company Limited
  9. Agoro Services
  10. Alba Security Services
  11. Alfa Electronics
  12. All – Time Agencies Ltd
  13. Alpha Guards Services Ltd
  14. Alpha.Dot Security Ltd
  15. Anchor Security Services Ltd
  16. Apache Guards Ltd
  17. Aqua Security Services Ltd
  18. Archipelago Security Guards Services
  19. Ardan Risk and Support Services Ltd
  20. Armatech (K) Ltd
  21. Armed Rapid Response (alarmax)
  22. ArmorGroup Kenya Ltd
  23. Armourshield Security Services Ltd
  24. Arome Security Guards
  25. Arrow Guards (1984) Ltd
  26. Ashbhu Securities Ltd
  27. Assa Abloy E A Limited
  28. Atlas Security Services Ltd
  29. AUA Industria Ltd
  30. Aviation General Security Consultants
  31. Baharini Security Services
  32. Bamu Security Services
  33. Beatman & Baton Ltd
  34. Benga Care Services Co
  35. Benori Guard Services
  36. Bentech Systems Ltd
  37. Beta Data Africa Ltd
  38. Better Security Locks Ltd
  39. Blue Eye Vigilant Ltd
  40. Bob Morgan Security Ltd
  41. Bobby Guards Ltd
  42. Boera Main Security Services
  43. Boma Security Services Ltd
  44. Braesea Enterprises Ltd
  45. Bravo Security Services
  46. Brinks Security Services Ltd
  47. Broad Tech Security Services Ltd
  48. Brotherhood Security Services
  49. Bunduki Security Services
  50. C & A Security Services
  51. Captain & Captain Security Services Ltd
  52. Car Track Kenya Ltd
  53. Carlton Guards Ltd
  54. Cavalier Security Services
  55. Central Security Guards
  56. Centreland Ltd
  57. Chalbi Business Solutions Ltd
  58. Charton Security Services
  59. Chebit Enterprises
  60. Chengo Security Services & Private Investigators Ltd
  61. City Guards Ltd
  62. Coast Guards Services Ltd
  63. Coast Security Services Ltd
  64. Compliant Security Services Ltd
  65. Continental Security Guards Services
  66. Control Instruments Kenya
  67. CornerStone Security Services
  68. Corporate Technical Services Ltd
  69. Cossy Mobile Security Ltd
  70. Coster Guards Ltd
  71. Crofton Security Services Ltd
  72. Crossland Security Services
  73. Dagii Electro Tech
  74. Daring Security Systems Ltd
  75. Davetec Security Services
  76. Davrach Business Services
  77. DECO Security Consultancy and Training (DSCT)
  78. Delfy Security Service
  79. Delmas Security Services Ltd
  80. Delta Security Services Ltd
  81. Deluxe Technologies
  82. Dew Security Services Ltd
  83. Digital Security Services & Products
  84. Diligent Security Services
  85. Discreet Safety Systems
  86. Dolexo Ventures Ltd Details, Contact and Website
  87. Dontech Ltd
  88. Double Impulse Security Ltd
  89. Dragon Commercial Ltd
  90. Drick Ark Security Guards
  91. Dunamis Security
  92. Dynasty Security Services Ltd
  93. EARS Group Ltd
  94. Efex security solutions
  95. Eighty Seven Security Systems
  96. Emsa Security (1995)
  97. Environmental & Combustion Consultants
  98. Erowa Guards Services
  99. Eshibinga Security Services Guards
  100. ETL/Buffa Fence
  101. Euro Technology Ltd
  102. Eveready Security Guards Ltd
  103. Excellent Security Services
  104. Express Escorts Ltd
  105. Eye Watch Trackers Ltd
  106. Eye Wave Systems & Solutions
  107. Eyetrack Africa Systems
  108. Factory Guards Ltd
  109. Falcon Security Ltd
  110. Fimbo Security Services
  111. FinMeccanica
  112. Fire Guards Kenya Ltd
  113. First Force Security Services Ltd
  114. First Rescue Ltd
  115. Flamingo Security Guards Services
  116. Flywheel Telecomms
  117. Framlec Security Services Co Ltd
  118. Freby Services
  119. Galana Security Guards
  120. Gallant Security Services Ltd
  121. Gallatek (E.A.) Ltd
  122. Gana International Security Services
  123. Gardena Guards of Kenya
  124. Garey Vigilance Security Ltd
  125. Gasper Walele (H S C)
  126. Gatelock Security Co Ltd
  127. George Ben Security
  128. Gillys Security & Investigation Services Ltd
  129. Glamour A & Security Services Ltd
  130. GM & ACE LTD
  131. GMS Ltd
  132. Golden Security Guards
  133. Good Body Security Service
  134. Good Luck Guard Services
  135. Goodwill Guards Services
  136. Grada General Agencies
  137. Grahen Enterprises Ltd
  138. Green Hill Security Services Ltd
  139. Green Leaf Commercial Agencies & Security Gua
  140. Gryphon Kenya Ltd
  141. Guardforce Security (K) Ltd
  142. Gussco Security Services
  143. Gyto Success Co Ltd
  144. Hakamson Security Services
  145. Halins Security Services
  146. Hamu Security Services
  147. Haphil Africa Securities Ltd
  148. Hatari Security Guards Ltd
  149. Hema Security Services
  150. Herahoni Security Services
  151. Hewalla Security Service
  152. Hi-Rank Technical Services
  153. Highrise Security Service
  154. Hillz Care Guards Ltd
  155. Hippo Guard Ltd
  156. Hire Guards Services
  157. Hotline Security Ltd
  158. House Guards Ltd
  159. Hyundai Homeart (K) Ltd
  160. IAS Security Systems Ltd
  161. Ilder Security Services
  162. Infinity Security Appliances
  163. Infosec Consulting Ltd
  164. Instarect Ltd
  165. Integrated Technologies & Systems
  166. Intel Fire Group Of Companies
  167. Inter Security Services Ltd
  168. Intercity Security Ltd
  169. Interguard Security Services Ltd
  170. Interplus Ltd
  171. Intex Alarms
  172. Intrusion Equipment Vstar Security Inc
  173. Iris Security Solutions
  174. Island Top Security
  175. J J Security Guards
  176. Jackal Security Guards
  177. Jancy Ltd
  178. Jasho Security Guard Ltd
  179. Johsan Investigation & Security Services
  180. Jollic Security Guards
  181. K K Guards Group of Companies
  182. Kali Security Co Ltd
  183. Kamaliza Guards Nairobi (Kenya) Ltd
  184. Kamili Security Guards
  185. Kamosec Security Services Ltd
  186. Karen Langata Guards Ltd
  187. Kasa Security Services
  188. Kasha Investments Ltd
  189. Kenda Security Services Ltd
  190. Kenguards Ltd
  191. Kentaza Security Guards Ltd
  192. Kenwatch Security Services Ltd
  193. Kenya Homes Securities & Private Investigation
  194. Kenya Secularms Ltd
  195. Kenya Security Industry Association (KSIA)
  196. Kenya Shield Security Ltd
  197. Keylight Investments Ltd
  198. Kimble Securical Ltd
  199. Kingsway Electroworks Limited
  200. Kirby Security Services Ltd
  201. Kitale Airport Security Guards
  202. Kiuna Dogs
  203. KK Security Guards
  204. KK Security Services Kenya
  205. Kleen Homes Security Services Ltd
  206. Kupata Technologies
  207. L S Guards Ltd
  208. Lake Security Guards Ltd
  209. Lamu Security Guards
  210. Lamuwalla Fabricators Ltd
  211. Lavington Security Guards Ltd
  212. Leading locks limited
  213. Leadman Security Services Ltd
  214. Lee Security Services Ltd
  215. Leemas Ltd
  216. Leverford (K) Ltd
  217. Lichi Security System Ltd
  218. Link Security Ltd
  219. Liomo Security Guards
  220. Logix Technical Solution
  221. Lumwa Security Services Ltd
  222. Maasai Spear Guards Co
  223. Magenta (k) Ltd
  224. Magestic Security Systems
  225. Magnac Technics Ltd
  226. Magnet International Ltd
  227. Magnum Allied Systems Ltd
  228. Mara Moja Security Guards Ltd
  229. Marhan Security Guard
  230. Mark Patrol Security Ltd
  231. Marthen Investigations
  232. Masaba Security Agencies
  233. Maxicare Guards Services Ltd
  234. Mead Security Services
  235. Mediabase Products LTD
  236. Mercury Security Services Ltd
  237. Meru Homes Ltd
  238. Metric Security Guards Ltd
  239. Metro Plastics Kenya Ltd
  240. Micro-city Computers Ltd
  241. Migben Security Services
  242. Mike Security Services Ltd
  243. Milimani Security Guards Ltd
  244. Minco Intelligent Technology Co. Ltd
  245. Mindest Security Services Ltd
  246. Minion Guards Co Ltd
  247. Mode 1996 Security Limited
  248. Modern Data Cables Technologies Limited
  249. Modern Security Holdings Ltd
  250. Modern Security Services Ltd

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