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Religious Organizations in Kenya

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Religious Organizations in Kenya

To be an independent exemplary Inter Religious Forum recognized and respected worldwide for its work in fostering respect, tolerance, peace and common action among different religions in the pursuit of social and economic well being of all the Religious Organizations in Kenya.

Religious Organizations in Kenya – Catalyst

Many religious organizations have been formed to act as a catalyst for promoting greater tolerance and understanding among different religious communities in Kenya with a view to mobilizing joint efforts to respond effectively to social, economic and environmental needs of the people.

Religious Organizations in Kenya Photo

Religious Organizations in Kenya Photo

Religious Organizations in Kenya – Values

They are, by action, be caring institutions that respects the views and circumstances of all those they work and interact with, while upholding the highest standards of integrity in the course of carrying out their mandate.

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Religious Organizations in Kenya – Long Term Goals

  • To become a leading and powerful voice of conscience in Kenya, making tangible contribution to sustainable peace, economic justice and better governance.
  • To contribute to sustainable management of the impact of HIV/AIDS and prevention of new infections.
  • To be financially independent for our core operations.

Religious Organizations  – Strategies

The key planks of the overall strategy that religious organizations of Kenya will adopt in the pursuit of its goals consist of the following:

  • Open-forum approach to build trust among the different faiths.
  • Deep-reach intervention through direct collaboration with faith partners
  • Informed intervention based on thorough research and analysis.
  • Complementary and networked partnership in which they will actively reach out to other players whose projects and programmes are complementary.

Religious Organizations in Kenya

A comprehensive list of all Religious Organizations in Kenya, their addresses (postal and physical), contacts (telephone and e-mail) and a link to the religious organizations in Kenya websites.

List of Religious Organizations in Kenya

  1. ACK Bwagamoyo Parish / Church
  2. ACK Ekwanda Parish / Church
  3. ACK Gaikuyu Parish / Church
  4. ACK Gathukeini Parish / Church
  5. ACK Kabatini Parish / Church
  6. ACK Kabazi Parish / Church
  7. ACK Kiambiriria Parish / Church
  8. ACK Kipipiri Parish / Church
  9. ACK Magumu Parish / Church
  10. ACK Maseno Parish / Church
  11. ACK Mulwakari sub-Parish / Church
  12. ACK Munyaka Parish / Church
  13. ACK Muruaki Parish / Church
  14. ACK Naivasha Parish / Church
  15. ACK Narok Parish / Church
  16. ACK Ndabibi Parish / Church
  17. ACK Ngenge Parish / Church
  18. ACK Ngorika Parish / Church
  19. ACK Njoro Parish / Church
  20. ACK North Kinangop Parish / Church
  21. ACK Rongai Parish / Church
  22. ACK Salama Parish / Church
  23. ACK Siakago Parish / Church
  24. ACK Silibwet Parish / Church
  25. ACK St Johns Parish / Church
  26. ACK Tigoni Parish / Church
  27. ACK Ulungu Parish / Church

Religious Organizations in Kenya – Video

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