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Detergent Manufacturers in Kenya

Detergent Manufacturers in Kenya

Every home and business need detergents for cleaning. The demand for cleaning detergents has been steadily rising as more households and businesses come up. This is good news for aspiring Detergent Manufacturers in Kenya entrepreneurs because it is possible to make these detergents and take advantage of this demand. Liquid detergent as the name implies, is simply soap in liquid form.

Companies can make liquid detergents and sell to schools, homes hotels, car wash yards and other businesses that clean. Making liquid detergent is very simple and requires very few items. With a little training and experience, almost anybody can make these detergents.

Detergent Manufacturers in Kenya
Detergent Manufacturers in Kenya

Detergent Manufacturers – Products

The products from this plant include;
1. Detergent Powder and Liquid
2. Toilet soap tablets (perfumed and non-perfumed0 and laundry soap
3. Scouring Powder
4. Liquid Disinfectant
5. Hand gel
6. Boiler water treatment chemicals
7. Petroleum Jelly

Factors to consider when choosing a suitable detergent

  • Type of soil to be removed.
  • Type of material to be cleaned so that detergent does not damage the material
  • Type of cleaning technique.

Detergent Manufacturers in Kenya

A comprehensive list of all detergent manufacturers in Kenya, their addresses (postal and physical), contacts (telephone and e-mail) and a link to the detergent manufacturers in Kenya websites.

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List of Detergent Manufacturers in Kenya

  1. Blue Ring Products Ltd
  2. Blue Ring Products Ltd
  3. Caman Chemicals Enterprises
  4. Danstar Holdings Ltd
  5. Diamond Industries Ltd
  6. Dirtex Manufacturers Ltd
  7. Diversey Eastern & Central Africa Ltd
  8. Diversey Eastern And Central Africa Ltd
  9. Ecolab East Africa (K) Ltd
  10. Ecosoap Kenya
  11. Elephant Soap Industries Ltd
  12. Elephant Soap Industries Ltd
  13. Emem Enterprises Ltd
  14. Grains Drops Products Ltd
  15. Grains Drops Products Ltd
  16. Jemorich Cleaners
  17. Lasap Kenya Ltd
  18. Mbachimu Enterprises Ltd
  19. Mbachimu Enterprises Ltd
  20. Menengai Soap Factory Ltd
  21. Menengai Soap Factory Ltd
  22. Menengai Soap Factory Ltd
  23. Mikeline Detergents
  24. Nakobusta Enterprises
  25. Nakobusta Enterprises
  26. Orbit Chemical Industries Ltd
  27. Orbit Chemical Industries Ltd
  28. Patrainic Products Ltd
  29. PZ Cussons East Africa Ltd
  30. PZ Cussons East Africa Ltd
  31. Rehsi Ventures Ltd
  32. Ricks Detergents
  33. Rumorth Group of Co. Ltd
  34. Soilex Chemicals Ltd
  35. Spectra Chemicals (K) Ltd
  36. Waco Trading Agencies
  37. X-pert Detergents
  38. X-pert Detergents
  39. X-pert Detergents

Detergent Manufacturers in Kenya – Video

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