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Recruitment Firms in Kenya

Recruitment Firms in Kenya

Recruitment Firms in Kenya offers you both local and international job placements all job sectors. Their core objective in focus on both local and overseas job placements for Kenyans. Their approach to recruitment, executive search and training is simple. All our candidates are tested, challenged and ready to succeed

Recruitment Firms in Kenya – Clientele

These firms as recruitment companies work hard on developing and maintaining the understanding of client’s unique, broad international culture and philosophy, so as to maximize the client’s expectations to the potential and productivity of required talent. That making these companies the recruitment agencies of choice in Kenya. Candidates on the other hand get speedy placements and the job transition is smooth.

Recruitment Firms in Kenya Photo

Recruitment Firms in Kenya Photo

Recruitment Firms in Kenya – Personal Services

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At these companies they understand this dilemma all too well and offer personal services which are aimed at providing advice, assistance and long term partnership to ensure that your business grows and thrives, through successful placements of candidates and development of employees.

Recruitment Firms in Kenya

A comprehensive list of all recruitment firms in Kenya, their addresses (postal and physical), contacts (telephone and e-mail) and a link to the recruitment firms in Kenya websites.

List of Recruitment Firms in Kenya

  1. Al Nusra Agencies Ltd
  2. Al Razak Ya Razak Agency
  3. Alshira International Travel, Tourism & Recruitment Agency
  4. Alshira International Travel, Tourism & Recruitment Agency
  5. Blue Arrow Recruitment Co. Ltd
  6. Careerpost Limited
  7. Competitive Manpower International Ltd
  8. Corporate Staffing Services
  9. Corprate Staffing Services (K) Ltd
  10. Dammy Agencies
  11. Dignified Recruitment Solution
  12. ElMerry International Connections
  13. Flexi Personnel
  14. Gulf Manpower Recruitment Agency
  15. Hadijah Services
  16. Interlead Ltd
  17. InveTrack Consulting Group
  18. Jatar Agencies
  19. Jefrah Recruitment Agencies
  20. Joblink Ltd
  21. Jobtangu Recruitment Consultancy
  22. Joytom Manpower & Travel Solutions
  23. Kelo Dotcom
  24. Khobeshah Agencies Ltd
  25. Link & Logistics Parcel Services
  26. Management Training & Consultancy Services
  27. Manakib Manpower Link
  28. Muthuma International Agency
  29. Peoplelink Consultants Ltd
  30. Preferred Personnel Africa
  31. Preferred Personnel Africa Ltd
  32. Qalib Management Agency
  33. Sahadi International Agency
  34. Shamrah Recruitment Agency Ltd
  35. Shenzhen T-Ocean Logistics CO. LTD
  36. Silver Ray Health Ltd
  37. Smart Flayers & Travel Acting
  38. Smarta Agencies
  39. Smarta Agency
  40. Star Housegirls Bureau
  41. Summit Recruitment & Training
  42. Surface staff kenya
  43. The Homeaid Staff Provider
  44. Tusano Combined Supplies
  45. Ugnuri Company Ltd
  46. Universal Employment Solution Provider Agency
  47. Venavic Human Resource Consultant
  48. Walnic Co. Ltd
  49. Watha Employment Bureau
  50. Workspace Solution Centre

Recruitment Firms in Kenya – Video