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Cameras in Kenya – Camera Companies in Kenya

Cameras in Kenya

Cameras in Kenya  – Camera companies in Kenya have the best products from good manufacturing company located in China, UK and U.S.A. This companies supply cameras at reasonable and affordable prices for every client, either the whole-seller or the end user.

Cameras in Kenya – (CCTV)

Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) is a video magnification system consisting of a video screen interfaced with a video camera. Video magnification is achieved in two ways – the electronic conversion from the small camera image to the larger display screen and the optical effect of the cameras zoom lens. These Cameras provide high contrast, inverse video display, gray scale, false colors, natural colors, and/or control of contrast level and brightness.

Cameras in Kenya
Cameras in Kenya

Cameras in Kenya – Camera Changes Slums

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Slums are the economic and social torment of any big city. The problem of slums can’t be solved with mere money. Camera companies in Kenya must solve social and psychological factors, as well hence engaging youths in slums with camera knowledge to output the Challenges they face to Volunteers.

List of Camera Companies in Kenya

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  1. Camera Works
  2. Digicam Technologies
  3. Digitalent Systems Ltd
  4. Flyeagle Security Services
  5. Imaging Solutions Ltd – Kimathi St Branch
  6. Imaging Solutions Ltd – Nikon School Branch
  7. Imaging Solutions Ltd – Sona Shoppe Westgate Branch
  8. Imaging Solutions Ltd – TRM Branch
  9. Induct Technology
  10. Lecam Camera Repair
  11. Luedecke & Co Ltd
  12. Safetech Applications Ltd
  13. Wocares Camera Services

Cameras in Kenya – Video