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Butcheries in Kenya

Butcheries in Kenya

Kenyans love meat and thats why many Entrepreneurs see Butcheries in Kenya a booming business. What is required to start a butchery business in Kenya is well known and also some factors to consider when starting such a business .

Butcheries in Kenya-Factors

Budget: Sh 300,000 or more,Location,Licenses.

Butcheries -What you will need

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A weighing scale, preferably digital, will enable to you accurately weigh the quantities of meat you sell to your customers. However, you could start with a manual scale and buy a digital one later. You will also need a counter display to keep the meat. The meat in the display should be attractive and clearly visible to your customers.

Butcheries Kenya

A comprehensive list of all butcheries in Kenya, their addresses (postal and physical), contacts (telephone and e-mail) and a link to the butcheries in Kenya websites.

Butcheries Kenya Photo

Butcheries Kenya Photo

List of Butcheries in Kenya

Butcheries in Kenya – Video