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Furniture in Kenya – Furniture Stores and Shops in Kenya

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Furniture in Kenya

Furniture in Kenya and Accessories are handpicked from International sources and locally made. Furniture shops in Kenya are places where you can spend a whole day finding things that you never knew existed.

Furniture in Kenya – Furniture Product Range

Furniture stores in Kenya design furniture to suite your everyday lifestyle and to help you design your dreams with a wide selection and ranges.

Furniture in Kenya – Furniture Categories and Variety

Furniture in Kenya have different quality, variety and unique designs and styles. Furniture bring freshness and comfort in your daily living.

Top Best Furniture Shops in Kenya

Jabali Furniture

Category: Furniture Shops in Kenya

Welcome to Jabali Furniture, your premiere source for the latest in modern home furnishings.

From the latest in leather sofas and armchairs to one of the most comprehensive collection of coffee tables, console tables and accent pieces found anywhere, we strive to ensure an eclectic mix of the latest trends and the timeless traditional pieces are a part of your shopping experience.

Fairdeal Furniture

Category: Furniture Shops in Kenya


At Fairdeal, the driving mantra is – Quality, Service, Style & Selection and this is primarily evident as you enter our showrooms in Mombasa, Nairobi and Malindi. Ample parking space is at your disposal and as you step inside the showroom, smartly uniformed personnel cordially welcome you, immediately making you feel “at home” as you savour the variety of furnishings.

Antarc Ltd

Category: Furniture Stores in Kenya

Antarc Ltd has been in existence since 1992 with the aim of developing and bringing you a product range to suit your everyday lifestyle and to help you design your dreams with our wide selection and ranges.

Quality, Variety and unique designs and styles is what we believe in offering our clientele, to bring that freshness and comfort in your daily living.

With international brands on board we are in a unique position to offer you quality products, comfort, expert experience and professionalism that goes into designing your space whether an office, your home or an interior space to be decorated

Furniture in Kenya - Furniture Shops in Kenya

Furniture in Kenya – Furniture Shops in Kenya

List of Furniture Stores in Kenya

Here is a comprehensive list of all furniture shops in Kenya, their addresses (postal and physical), contacts (telephone and e-mail) and a link to the furniture stores in Kenya websites.

  1. Abby Properties
  2. Accacia Court Limited
  3. Afro Kent Office Equipment
  4. Akshar Furniture Ltd
  5. Alea Furniture Ltd
  6. Alibhai Pirmohamed Nathani & Co
  7. All Round Technical Services
  8. Aloscar General Supplies
  9. Alpha Seats & Fitting
  10. Amisha General Services Ltd
  11. Antarc Ltd
  12. Antarc Office & Home Furniture
  13. Antarc Office & Home Furniture
  14. Apicah Furniture Ltd
  15. Apostles of Jesus Youth Technical Institute
  16. Artoffice Furnitures Ltd
  17. Ashut Engineers Ltd
  18. Aston Office Supplies
  19. At Monta Designs
  20. Baraka Home Funitures
  21. Bengo General Agencies Ltd
  22. Best Price Furniture
  23. Bevaj Furniture Ltd
  24. Beyond 2000 Furniture
  25. Bititec Systems & Suppliers
  26. Booker Tee Enterprises Ltd
  27. Borland Agencies
  28. Brent East Africa Supplies Ltd
  29. Bridging Services & Global Systems Ltd
  30. Budget Furniture Limited
  31. Bush Furniture Enterprise
  32. Business Matrix Systems Ltd
  33. Cabdex Ltd
  34. Carousel (E A) Ltd
  35. Casa Bella
  36. Central Office Services Agencies
  37. Centrifugal Technologies Ltd
  38. Centrifugal Technologies Ltd
  39. China Ceramic & Furniture City
  40. Classic Innovations Ltd
  41. Coastal Image Technologies
  42. Coastal Image Technologies Ltd
  43. Coastal Image Technologies Ltd
  44. Continental Office Machines Services
  45. Copy Cat Ltd
  46. Copy Cat Ltd
  47. Copyguard (K) Ltd
  48. Copyline (K) Ltd
  49. Copyrite Furnitures Ltd
  50. Corporate Business Forms (CBF) Ltd
  51. Cristobal Trading Co Ltd
  52. Crown Top Limited
  53. Cyan Office Suppliesd
  54. Dakwa Agencies
  55. Dan Furniture & Cushion Makers
  56. Dashev Furniture
  57. Dasirones Co. Ltd
  58. Demax Ltd
  59. Designers Gallery Ltd
  60. Designs & Displays Ltd
  61. Designwear Ltd
  62. Dharamashi & Co Ltd
  63. Diani Travel Ltd
  64. Digital Communications Ltd
  65. Dinku Ltd
  66. DL Furniture & Accessories Ltd
  67. Dorek Office Supplies
  68. Dormy Enterprises
  69. Dotcom Enterprises
  70. Dupco Office Supplies
  71. East African Office Equipment (1976) Ltd
  72. Eastlander Ltd
  73. Economic Housing Group Ltd
  74. Editon Lab & Office Supplies
  75. Electronics Technology Group Ltd
  76. Elite Interiors & Office Supplies
  77. Emmantique (K) Ltd
  78. Encanto Furniture
  79. Epricot Furniture
  80. Erivine Business & Computer Centre
  81. Esther Showroom
  82. Eureka Office Supplies Ltd
  83. Eurocon Tiles Products Ltd
  84. Express Automation Ltd
  85. Fairdeal Furniture
  86. Fairdeal Furniture
  87. Fast Choice Ltd
  88. Felica Upholstery & Furniture
  89. Fency Furnishers Curtain Designers
  90. Fine Wood Furniture Shop
  91. Fine Wood Works Ltd
  92. Fine Wood Works Ltd
  93. Fleet & Fuel Technologies
  94. Four Series Ltd
  95. Fraca Servcom Ltd
  96. Frontier Technology Systems
  97. Funzi Furniture Factory
  98. Furmart Furnishers
  99. Furniture Centre Coast Ltd
  100. Furniture Collections
  101. Furniture Elegance Ltd
  102. Furniture in Kenya – Furniture Stores and Shops in Kenya
  103. Furniture International Ltd
  104. Furniture Masters Ltd
  105. Furniture Palace International (K) Ltd
  106. Furniture Palace International (K) Ltd
  107. Furniture Palace Kenya
  108. FurnitureRama Ltd
  109. Futons & Furniture Co Ltd
  110. Futons & Furniture Co Ltd
  111. Gatoi Company Ltd
  112. General Office Technology Ltd
  113. Geojak Enterprises
  114. Gestetner (K) Ltd
  115. Giwells Ltd
  116. Goldmark Office Supplies
  117. Goldstain Kenya
  118. Gopi Furniture & Joinery Ltd
  119. Gordrose Enterprise
  120. Happy Homes Furnishings
  121. Hatimi Joinery Works Ltd
  122. Hatimi Joinery Works Ltd
  123. Henry West Furniture
  124. Hightech Info Systems Ltd
  125. Hilton Home Products
  126. Hirleys Furniture Ltd
  127. HM Corporations Ltd
  128. Home Furnishing Designs
  129. Horizons Office
  130. Hutchings Biemer Ltd
  131. Hwan Sung Industries (K) Ltd
  132. I T Zone Office Supplies Ltd
  133. Ibico Kenya Ltd
  134. Image Office Supplies
  135. Indian Ocean Creations
  136. Instyle Design Furniture Ltd
  137. Instyle Furniture Ltd
  138. Instyle Furniture Ltd
  139. Insyque
  140. Interior Designs Co Ltd
  141. Interior Designs Co Ltd – Industrial Area Branch
  142. Interworld Office Solutions
  143. Iron Furniture Co Ltd
  144. Italian Design Furniture Ltd
  145. Italian Design Furniture Ltd – Italian Furniture
  146. Itimo Solutions Ltd
  147. J & K Investments Kenya Ltd
  148. Jabali Furniture
  149. James N
  150. Japan Business Machine Corporation Africa Ltd
  151. Jeomar Office Solutions Ltd
  152. Jivaco Agencies
  153. Joe’s Craft Excellent Furniture
  154. Kameli Two Printers
  155. Kamiti Furniture
  156. Kapital Panaroma Ltd
  157. Kawasaki Office Products Ltd
  158. Kefra Office Supplies
  159. Keni Office Supplies Ltd
  160. Kenlo Properties Ltd
  161. Kenmac General Supplies Ltd
  162. Kenwood Works
  163. Kenwood Works
  164. Kenya Furniture Rental Ltd
  165. Kenya Infortech ltd
  166. Keyboard Business Systems Ltd
  167. Keystone Enterprises Ltd
  168. Khandwalla & Co
  169. Khimji Devshi
  170. Khush Furniture
  171. Kikuyu Hardwood
  172. Kiruga Classic Furniture House
  173. Konica Monolita
  174. Kubal Enterprises
  175. Kubal Enterprises
  176. Laly Furnishing House Ltd
  177. Laminates Furniture Ltd
  178. Lamukani International Ltd
  179. Lapimar Agencies Ltd
  180. Latima Agencies
  181. Likoni Quality Furniture
  182. Lucy Office Supplies
  183. Lukinya International Enterprises
  184. Lukstar Furniture
  185. Lynn’s Enterprises Ltd
  186. Maarifa Covenant Investments
  187. Magnolia Office Supplies Ltd
  188. Mailcom Computers & Office Supplies
  189. Makupa Joinery Ltd
  190. Mango Ltd
  191. Mango Ltd
  192. Marvellous Furnitures
  193. Marvellous Furnitures
  194. Mayflower Designers
  195. Mc Craes (E.A) Ltd
  196. Mc Craes (E.A) Ltd
  197. McZom (K) Ltd
  198. Meblet (K) Ltd
  199. Mecol Ltd
  200. Miale Furniture
  201. MIBM Nyanza Ltd
  202. Michecha Ltd
  203. Mima Designs
  204. Mimdan Ltd
  205. Mimdan Ltd
  206. Mimosa Furniture
  207. Mobilcasa
  208. Mobilia Ltd
  209. Modern Furniture House (1968) Ltd
  210. Modern Furniture House (1968) Ltd
  211. Modern Office Supplies Ltd
  212. Mt Kenya Business Machines Ltd
  213. Multicraft Ltd
  214. Mumera Furniture
  215. Munshiram International Bussiness
  216. Murtaza Enterprises
  217. Mutana Holdings Ltd
  218. Nanak Wood Works
  219. Naran’s Furniture Agencies Ltd Furniture Dealers
  220. Nasilon Holdings Ltd
  221. Nembu Agencies
  222. Neo Interior Decorators Ltd
  223. New Zack’s Furniture Works
  224. Newline
  225. Nishit & Co. Ltd
  226. Nyathy Enterprises
  227. Nzouni Enterprises Ltd
  228. Odds & Ends Ltd
  229. Off Bay Investment
  230. Office Dynamics Ltd
  231. Office Mart Ltd
  232. Office Mart Ltd – 680 Branch
  233. Office Mart Ltd – HQ
  234. Office Mart Ltd – Kenyatta
  235. Office Mart Ltd – Standard Branch
  236. Office Mart Ltd – Yaya Branch
  237. Office World Enterprises
  238. Orbit Engineering Ltd
  239. Osara Ltd
  240. Otis De Furniture
  241. Otis De Furniture
  242. Pampam Ltd
  243. Panesar’s Kenya Ltd
  244. Panesar’s Kenya Ltd
  245. Papaya Retail Ltd
  246. Paperazzi Ltd
  247. Parksons Furnishings Ltd
  248. Parock Enterprises
  249. Patmac Business Systems
  250. Patna Trading Co Ltd

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