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Timber Dealers in Kenya – Timber Business in Kenya

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Timber Business in Kenya

Timber is classified into two softwood timber and hardwood timber.

Softwood timber like pine, cypress and bamboo wood are popular materials in the creation of light furniture and simple interior fittings. They are cheaper in cost than other timber types and grow much quicker. Softwoods tend to be lighter in color. Their application in color schemes that tend toward light browns and oranges and biege’s will be harmonious.

Hardwood timber is elegant and durable. It is available in plenty on the African continent, though in areas where deforestation has occurred, one has to resort to importation of the same. That notwithstanding, a Kenyan interior designer has several options available to them with regard to choice of hardwood fittings.

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A comprehensive list of all timber dealers in Kenya, their addresses (postal and physical), contacts (telephone and e-mail) and a link to the timber business in Kenya websites.

List of Timber Dealers in Kenya

  1. Alfred M
  2. All Africa Timber Industries
  3. Ama Industries Ltd
  4. Arvee Woodsky Ltd
  5. Bamrah Brothers Ltd
  6. Beaver Timber Products
  7. Bunyala Timber Products
  8. Calkim Investments Ltd
  9. Diani Corner Timber & Hardware Co Ltd
  10. Double Wa Enterprises
  11. Elgeyo Saw Mills (K) Ltd
  12. Exotic Wood Products Ltd
  13. Gulf Timber & Hardware Supplies Ltd
  14. Inter Tropical Timber Trading Ltd
  15. Jubilee Woodsales Ltd
  16. Kapil Timber & Joinery Ltd
  17. Kenya Wood Ltd
  18. Kenya Wood Products
  19. Kings Kitchen (K) Ltd
  20. Krishna Wood Furniture & Hardware
  21. Ligna Ltd
  22. Maragua Timber & Hardware
  23. Marphic (K) Ltd
  24. Marula Power Poles Plant Ltd
  25. Mount Kenya Timber & Hardware Store
  26. Mt Kenya Sawmills Ltd
  27. Nairobi Timber Project
  28. Petsam Timber & Hardware
  29. Ram Shyam Hardware Timber Ltd
  30. Ready Timber Merchants
  31. Rift Valley Industries Ltd
  32. Rush Kenya Timber
  33. Sarma Enterprises Ltd
  34. Sembi Sawmills Ltd
  35. Shree Hari Timber & Hardware
  36. Sukay Enterprises Ltd
  37. Timber Corner Ltd
  38. Timber Corner Ltd
  39. Timber Corner Ltd
  40. Timber Corner Ltd
  41. Timsales Ltd
  42. Timsales Ltd
  43. Timsales Ltd
  44. U G Timber Joinery & Engineering Works Ltd
  45. Velbros Timber Ltd
  46. Vishnu Wood & Hardware Ltd
  47. Vishnu Wood & Hardware Ltd
  48. Wason’s Enterprises Ltd
  49. Welcome Timber Mart Ltd
  50. Young Timber Mart Ltd

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