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How to Access KASNEB Examination Results

KASNEB CPA Results via SMS (for Safaricom subscribers only).

Candidates should send an SMS to 20225 using the following format to access their examination results:

Kasneb/registration number

Example, Kasneb/nac/68148 where nac/68148 is the registration number of the candidate.

The SMS service is at a premium rate of Sh. 10 per sms

KASNEB Online Results – KASNEB CPA Results via Website.

(click on student login) or (direct link to student portal )

Candidates who had not created an account on the student portal are required to do so in order to access examination result as follows:

  1. On the website click on the student login link then choose the student icon or proceed to click the student icon if you use the direct link to the student portal.
  2. Click on create account and select whether you have Student Registration Number or not and proceed to provide names, preferred email address and a strong password (which will be used for future access to self information) and click save.
  3. Provide the email address and password used when creating the account and click unlock to login in.
  4. Select the “Registration Details” tab.
  5. Access the “Course Choice” tab.
  6. Select the examination from the dropdown box, click on the “Yes” checkbox and provide the registration number without the prefix (e.g. if your registration number is NAC/68148, provide 68148 as the registration number) and click save.
  7. Select the “Examination Results” tab.
  8. Click on “print” to print the pdf version or “Send to email” to send to your email address.

Candidates who already have an account should proceed from step 3 above.


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KASNEB ATC Results for NOV 2015 Exams


KASNEB wishes to inform candidates who sat the Nov. 2015 Technician Examinations that the examination results have been released and can be accessed through either of the following ways.

1.1 SMS (Safaricom and Airtel subscribers only)
Candidates should send their KASNEB registration number on SMS to 20558.

Example: ATC/87061 where ATC/87061 is the registration number of the candidate.

The SMS service is charged a premium rate of Sh.10 per sms.

1.2 KASNEB Website ( and click on student login) or (direct link to the student portal

Candidates who have not created an account on the KASNEB website are required to do so in order to access their examination results. The procedure for creating an account is as follows:

(i)    Click on the student login.

(ii)    Enter your email address on the space provided.

(iii)    Provide a strong password to unlock the site. This password will be used for future access to self information.

(iv)    Select the “Course Choice” tab.

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(v)    Select the examination from the dropdown box and enter your registration number without the prefix (Example: if your registration number is ATC/87061, enter 87061 as the registration number).

(vi)    Select the “Examination Results” tab.

Candidates who already have an account should proceed from step (iii) above.

2. KASNEB ATC Result Notifications

Candidates are advised that result notifications will be sent to all candidates by post.

3. KASNEB Results: Payment To Enter For The May / June 2016 Kasneb Examination

Candidates who sat the Nov 2015 examinations and intend to enter the May 2016 examinations are advised to pay the registration fees, annual registration renewal fees, examination entry fees and exemption fees as appropriate by Monday, 15 February 2016.

The candidates should note the following:

(a) Copies of result notifications ARE NOT required when paying for the examinations.

(b) Candidates should enter the May 2016 examinations immediately upon confirmation of the result through sms or website and SHOULD AVOID the practice of rushing to make payments on the closing dates specified for registration or examination entry.

(c) Candidates are advised to pay through the following banks.

National Bank of Kenya Ltd. (NBK) 01001031572601
Equity Bank Ltd. 0170299238025
Kenya Post Office Savings Bank (Postbank) 0744130009246
Co-operative Bank of Kenya Ltd. 01129128535900

NOTE: Students are advised that the payment date is the date on which they pay money at the bank or the date on the bankers cheque, draft or money order.

(d) Candidates who are unable to meet the normal deadline for examination entry on Monday, 15 February 2016 may still enter the May 2016 examinations by paying late examination entry fees on or before Thursday 31st March 2016.

4. ATC KASNEB Results: Appeals For Review of Marking

Any appeals for review of marking should be submitted on the official form (available for download on the KASNEB website) so as to reach KASNEB on or before Monday, 25 January 2016. The form should be submitted together with evidence of payment of the appropriate fee such as official receipt or bank deposit slip.

5. KASNEB Registration / Annual Registration Renewal, Examination Entry and Exemption Forms

Kasneb Results

Kasneb Results

Registration/annual registration renewal, examination entry and exemption forms may be obtained from:

  1. KASNEB offices.
  2. Kenya National Library Service branches countywide.
  3. Training institutions.

The forms may also be downloaded from the KASNEB website.


Monday, 13 July 2015


End of update

Kasneb Syllabus

Note that: Kasneb Examination syllabuses are available upon payment. Please provide your mailing address and pay for the syllabus. Then a syllabus will be posted to you.

KASNEB Contacts

KASNEB Towers, Off Hospital Road
(Near Kenyatta National Hospital, next to Real Insurance)
P.O. Box 41362 00100
Nairobi, Kenya
Tel: 020 2712640, 020 2712828
ISDN: 4923000
Mobile: 0722 201214, 0734 600624