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Teacher Wanjiku Biography and Photos

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Teacher Wanjiku Biography

Carolyne Wanjiku known by many as “ Teacher Wanjiku ”, walked into the comedy world making her debut on the Churchill Show. She has already become a favorite of many. For her, it was a big challenge being among the likes of Churchill and Eric Omondi, who had already set the bar very high.

Teacher Wanjiku Early Life and Family

Born and raised in Nairobi, Wanjiku came from humble beginnings and is the fourth born in a family of six. Wanjiku Began Her theater journey in 2007 where she took part in set book plays. Her skills were nurtured and sharpened by Director Sammy Mwangi and Victor Ber while she was at Heartstrings Kenya through which she did more than 30 plays that made her who she is today. It was while she was there that she thought of doing stand-up comedy.

When she began, there were times when she would be halfway through her show and the audience burst into laughter. It was then that she began to do stand up comedy and incorporating her acting skills into her sketches. This helped break the ice with the audience. Her acting experience has helped her a lot in comedy and she combines the two to give stellar performances

Origin of Name – Teacher Wanjiku

But where did the name Teacher Wanjiku come from? She once played the part of a teacher whose mother tongue influence was so severe that some of her students could not understand what she was saying. This was an attractive and almost immediate fit for Carolyne, whose character is, ironically a Kiswahili teacher. Since she plunged into comedy, she has become one of the most trending people on social media.

Teacher Wanjiku and standup comedy

Exiting Articles

Not only trending now, but she is now considered a pace-setter, a ground-breaker, a pioneer because she is the first lady to make it in Kenyan standup comedy. While many may think that comedy is an easy job, she assures you that it is not.

That is why she has decided to take a break from acting. When she does not appear on the Churchill Show, she is out researching her next sketch, reading Kiswahili Mufti on misemo, then looking for humorous sayings and writing scripts. This is followed by weeks of rehearsal. Sometimes the skit goes in a different direction from what she or her director wanted. In the end, they always have to compromise.

Teacher Wanjiku has also done 1 hour 30 minutes comedy sessions on the monthly comedy show Hot seat. She is also entertaining the idea of mobilizing more women to come out of their cocoons and try comedy, insisting that she knows there are many female comedians out there who are just scared.

As for Teacher Wanjiku, she is now comfortable with comedy which, she believes, she will be doing for a long time. In addition to that, she finds herself uniquely drawn to film and would love to direct a movie at some point in her life.

“The journey I have taken has really changed my life. I never expected to be where I am now, but I can assure my fans that this is just the beginning.”

10 Things You Didn’t Know About Teacher Wanjiku

  1. She has done over 30 stage plays
  2. Her first stage play was in 2008 in the play ‘let Kenyans be Kenyans’ by heartstrings Kenya
  3. She has a fear of escalators; escalator phobia
  4. She has never been a teacher
  5. Her real name is Caroline Wanjiku Tharau
  6. She has a 10 year old daughter who likes imitating her
  7. Her favourite meal is Ugali and Omena
  8. She studied Mass communication in college
  9. She never thought she would be a comedian
  10. She also works as a stage Manager
Teacher Wanjiku Photos

Teacher Wanjiku Photos

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