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How High Earners Remain Poor

The point is … you don’t need to do “everything” to be rich. Take just one main line of business. Learn the ropes in and out. Understand the dynamics well and you will surely make all the monies you need with that one line. Diversify only after the main line of business can stand on its own.

What did the world’s top 10 billionaires study at university?

Have you ever wondered what the self-made richest people on Earth studied in university? I have. So, I decided to find out. I looked at Forbes’ list of the world’s richest people and filtered out those who are not mostly self-made. The Forbes 400 has a self-made score, a rank from 1-10 that measures how […]

10 Comandments for a Youth to be Successful

10 Comandments for a Youth to be Successful

1. Do not depend on your parents’ wealth. Someone may come tomorrow to dupe you and you will lose everything. Learn to do things on your own. 2. God has given everyone a talent. Pray about yours, discover it, and work on it. Then it will work out for you.

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