Warehouses in Kenya

Warehouses in Kenya capacity is expansive with both bonded and free storage facilities available. Companies pride themselves in the high levels of service and quality of their warehousing service. Their primary emphasis is on capacity availability, dependability, security of cargo and efficient service tailored to meet client needs. A warehouse receipts system helps introduce liquidity for greater trade. It also provides much needed storage to producers, increases marketable surplus, increases food security and stimulates increased production.

Warehouse – Warehousing Solutions

  • Specialised handling equipment
  • Specialised Warehousing Management System
  • QHSE management
  • Advanced receiving and inspection processes
  • Secured storage (CCTV, intrusion alarm, access policy management)
  • Inventory management
  • Value added services (re-packing, co-packing, labelling, kitting,…)
  • Order preparation (pallet picking, fine picking, pick and pack …)
  • Cross-docking

Warehouses in Kenya

Cargill Kenya Limited

Address: Dar-es-Salaam Rd, 90403-80100 , Mombasa, Kenya
Tel: +254-412225701

Bahari (T) Co Ltd

Address: Bhaghani Warehouses Mwatate St, 81829-80100 , Mombasa, Kenya
Tel: +254-412220316

Gulf Stream Investments Ltd

Address: 1670-80100 , Mombasa, Kenya
Tel: +254-412315423

Chai Trading Co. Ltd

Address: KTDA Complex Miritini, P.O. Box: 93324-80102 Changamwe, Mombasa, Kenya
Tel: +254-202033676/ +254-202033676

Chuka Ritho Stores Ltd

Address:Chuka Trading Centre, Chuka, 123-60401 Chogoria
Tel: +254-64630004

The Combined Warehouses Ltd

Address: Mengo Rd, Off Refinery Rd, 81862-80100 , Mombasa, Kenya
Tel: +254-413433183

East African Storage Co Ltd

Address: Shimanzi Kismayu Rd, 95119-80104 Docks, Mombasa, Kenya
Tel: +254-202616320

Hussein & Company

Address: Voi St, 80028-80100 , Mombasa, Kenya
Tel: +254-412220134

Jaribu Credit Trader

Address: Dar-es-Salaam Rd, P.O. Box: 58502-00200 City Square, Nairobi, Kenya
Tel: 0722935539

Kenya Bunduki Ltd

Address: Bunyala Rd, 40070-00100 GPO, Nairobi, Kenya
Tel: +254-20555718

Kilindini Tea Warehouses (K) Ltd

Address: Shimanzi Off Zanzibar Rd, 85985-80100 , Mombasa, Kenya
Tel: +254-412223323

Leakey’s Storage Ltd

Address: Rangwe Cls Off Lunga Lunga Rd, 101-00507 Viwandani, Nairobi, Kenya
Tel: +254-20552092

Mbaraki Port Warehouses (Kenya) Ltd

Address: Taib Abdulla Nassir Rd, 80066-80100 , Mombasa, Kenya
Tel: +254-412229088

Tea Warehouses Ltd

Address: Mahindi St, 98066-80100 , Mombasa, Kenya
Tel: +254-203576639

United (E A) Warehouses Ltd

Address: Shimanzi Mashundu St, 99350-80100 , Mombasa, Kenya
Tel: +254-412230182

Allied Wharfage Ltd

Address: Refinery Rd, 85353-80100 , Mombasa, Kenya
Tel: +254-413434151

Awanad Enterprises Ltd

Address: Nairobi Rd, 2868-80100 , Mombasa, Kenya
Tel: +254-413434853

Breccia Trading Co. Ltd

Address: Jirore Rd, P.O. Box: 676-00204 Athi River, Nairobi, Kenya
Tel: 0710107027

Kenbelt (Kenya) Ltd

Address: Mombasa Rd, 49820-00100 GPO, Nairobi, Kenya
Tel: +254-206823300

Kenya Bonded Warehouse Company

Address: Treasury Sq Mvita Rd, 80522-80100 , Mombasa, Kenya
Tel: +254-412311577

Khama Warehousing Ltd

Address: Dar-Es-Salaam Rd, 31307-80100 , Mombasa, Kenya
Tel: +254-412315817

Moosa Stores Ltd

Address: Nehru Rd, 80911-80100 , Mombasa, Kenya
Tel: +254-412224423

Munene Storage Limited

Address: Kenyatta Hwy, P.O. Box: 1786-01000 Thika
Tel: +254-6724242

Storage Services Ltd

Address: 79546-00100 GPO, Nairobi, Kenya
Tel: +254-20828045

The Combined Warehouses Ltd

Address: Refinery Place, P.O. Box: 81862-80100 Mombasa, Mombasa, Kenya
Tel: 0702217800

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